Gas Vans

By: Corey Goodman

What were Gas vans?

The Gas van was created by Hitlers secret police called the SS. Gas Vans were used in the late 1930's in the Holocaust to exterminate the Jewish quicker than just shooting them. These were big vans that could hold up to 50 people and would have locks on the door so when the Germans put the Jews in the van they could lock the van and poor chemicals in there to kill the Jewish people quicker.
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Picture of a Gas Van

This is a picture of a Gas van after the Holocaust, the significance of the this photo is that this one van has taken thousands of lives and was a huge part of the Holocaust, and that this van had an impact on the drivers also because they had to listen to the banging on the door while the people in the back were suficating.
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Inside of a Gas Van

This is a picture of the inside of a Gas van, while looking at this photo its hard to imagine what went on in the back of these vans. The significance of this photo is that you can see where these people were killed and you see that there is nothing special visual wise for the jews while in here, its just a dark black room that doesn't get cleaned and was just used over and over
Gas chambers of the holocaust

Video Talking about Gas Vans and etc.

In this video you learn a little more about the Gas vans and Gas chambers used in the Holocaust. You also get a look at Gas vans and the inside of them if there were any in this day and age. They also talk about the poisonous gases used to exterminate the Jews.

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Gas Van

Insides of a Gas chamber