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We're getting ready for fall here at the Causal Ocean! We're adding new events and some fun classes too. We have an impressive group of both in house and guest practitioners in a wide variety of different healing modalities. We are healers, we are teachers, we are artists, and we want to share what we've learned with you. If you feel as though you're moving foreword on your path of feeling better, physically and spiritually you should come on in. Awaken and connect with your higher self, breathe in the inner calm that can center your life.

We invite you to also visit our website,

Our Guest Pratitioners


We also invite and host guests who have specialized gifts to share with us all. We're humbled and grateful by these gifts, and the people who offer their services at Causal Ocean.

Our Friends....

*Debbie Meier, Psychic Medium is a vastly talented and gifted intuitive reader! She'll be holding several upcoming events at Causal Ocean. She will be hosting both group and individual intuitive readings. We'll be doing something special together on December13, a Circle of Three event, three practitioners, at a great price, a gathering nnot to miss!

She will joining us at Pagan Pride on Saturday September 26th from 10a-5pm. This will be a fun event, and very informative!

She'll be hosting individual readings on Sunday November 22nd from 12p-5pm. This is going to be something you'll want to attend. She has an amazing gift!

Other dates added are; Saturday, January 23rd, 1:30pm-5pm and Sunday February 21st, 1pm-5pm .

You can call Jon or Kelley Meister at (608) 698-1805

or email You may also sign up at to prepay.


*Misha Dancing Waters will be hosting "Wheels of Light" and "Journeys with the Jaguar", along with "Who Were You"? A Past Life Exporation.

*Wheels of Light will be held on Tuesday September 8th from 6pm. This is a technique based on the ancient mandala or sand painting. it allows us all to gain a better insight into our issues and patterns so we can begin to shift our perspective on them, and often transform them completely! Please come prepared with one issue or pattern you like to shift. The cost for this class is $22.

*Journey with the Jaguar Earth Medicine Path" is one year program designed to expose participants to ancient paths of personal healing, connection, balance,beauty, joy and love.

We wil explore many tools, topics, and experiences, creating a strong foundation for continued, lifelong growth and healing. Please visit: for more extensive information.

The dates for these are for The Sacred Journey's intro; November 14th-15th, Saturday and Sunday.

2016 dates: *January 9th and 10th. More dates to be added soon.

* Who Were You?/A past Life Exploration

Once you have identified the the thread of a past life, a beautiful journey of opening and self discovery begins!

Would you like to find out more about the past lives you've lived, or what your life was like in your past lives?

* Have you ever had an experience in which you strongly felt you knew someone who you don't? had been somewhere or done something before when you hadn't?

*Do you ever have vivd or repetitive dreams about living in a different place?

* Do you have an unexplained fascination with a specific time period in history, a certain culture or craft?

You may have already tuned in to your past lives! This workshop is a fun and interactive opportunity to take a peek into those past lives, actively working with the energy of each one and understanding them more fully. Learn to visualize your physical appearance and surrounding from a past life, interact with the souls in that lifetime and even heal related issues you may have had in these lifetimes! The work will be completed with a special ritual to heal wounds from that lifetimes that may have followed us into this incarnation, to release any old soul contracts that still unnecessarily bind us, and to bring the lessons of that lifetime into our conscious mind.

Please sign up at website now to reserve your spot now. Space is limited.

**Contact Jon or Kelley Meister at

Pagan Pride Festival

Saturday, Sep. 26th, 10am

Winnequah Park 5301 Healy Lane, Monona, WI

Jon and Kelley will be out at Steve's Rocks and Gifts every third weekend of every month. We will be offering Reiki and sound at each $20/20 minutes. Kelley will also be selling her handmade Grids, Pendulums and Reiki Distance Chakra Dolls.

The upcoming dates are 10am-5pm each day:

Saturday and Sunday September 12th and 13th.

Saturday and Sunday October 17th and 18th

Saturday and Sunday November 21st and 22nd

Saturday and Sunday December 19th and 20th

We thanks Steve from the bottom of our hearts for this opportunity!

Both Causal Ocean Reiki and Misha Dancing Waters will be at Madison's Pagan Pride Festival! ( along with our friends at "The Carriage House" )

Please join us for a great day filled with Sound Journeys, Healing Reiki, healing Meditations and Misha will also be performing a Water Blessing!