Unit #4 Summative

by: Terence Coyle


Over time, different groups and societies will have their power taken from them and given that power to give them a position in the global society that is our world. With their given "power" they have their own right to treat people as they wish, giving some people more freedoms and rights than others. In our lives, we are given choices, dictated through adults who are then dictated by the law. But with that law, that is consistent with one country, it may not stay with all or even most countries. Because that country has been given the power to treat their people as they wish, they do so to benefit the people who are in control of that country. As we have discussed in class, when a few kids came over here from another country, they were surprised at what rights they had because they were citizens.


In the world we have a good country called, the USA. In this country we have so many rights and freedoms, as a society I'm not sure they could name them all. In that same country, they still fight for more freedoms, as if they don't have enough, like the riots in Baltimore. Now go over the pacific ocean and you see a country like North Korea, where they have one basic right, to live, under the country's terms, and those terms are so strict I cannot name them all. Those people living there have not revolted, they are respected because they know what will happen if they step out of line. They live in extreme poverty and even work camps, but they don't fight back against anything because they are thankful for what they have. In America, the society has begun to run on want and greed, not a need basis. In North Korea, it is run on a strict need basis, no person asks to have something, they simply get what they need and don't ask questions or step out of line.


In my family, there is a clear dictation of power. The people in control are my parents. They have set a very clear set of rules that I like to call, Coyle Law. Because both of my parents are involved with law enforcement, that set of rules may differ from another parents control over their kids. Now with that set of rules, there are punishments for each rule broken, some more severe than others, just like in the U.S system. Now because there are rules that can be broken, I have the choice to break them or stand by them. The same goes for most Law systems around the world. But, those countries set different punishments, in the U.S. it could mean 10 years in jail, while if the same thing was done in North Korea it could (and probably will) mean death. That power that that specific country has, or even household has, isn't really control, because we, as the human race, have always rebelled from power, and because of that, it has lead us to the country that it is today.

Power influences, but still your choice.