Home Design of the Future

By: Karol Kolodziejek

Sustainable Ecosystem

This home will feature all of the new and eco friendly systems. This includes a beautiful and private garden on the roof. In your own personal backyard you will have both solar and wind power generating your home 24/7. This will also include your own green house. Some very popular plants that you will receive will be the "the Devil's ivy" or better known as the Golden pothos. This plant is know for it's beautiful golden like leaves that climb down if set on a top shelf. Other than it being a very vivit plant it also is a very popular natural anti-pollutant against common pollutants like benzene,formaldehyde and carbon monoxide. Another very popular plant is the "Feston Rose Plant" with its vibrant orange and red flowers it will always catch attention. Not only the looks but the effectiveness of this plant are also something that should be taken into consideration like it needing very little maintenance,sun and even water. This plant doesn't just purify that air but also leave a pleasant aroma that will always make you feel fresh. The most popular biome for these homes will usually be located in the Boreal Forest. This will allow there to be changeable weather, a good amount of precipitation to keep all of your natural plants alive and natural wildlife running around.
On the top of your roof there will be the basic vegetables like Broccoli,Peas,Beans,Tomatoes and carrots. Depending on the weather you will be growing those vegetables all season long. These vegetables are a easy maintenance and require a little bit of water once in a while. They will also provide you with required amount of calcium, iron, magnesium as well as your vitamin A, B and C that your body will need. Over the winter or colder days the green house will most likely bed used. It will contain strawberries, grapes, citrus fruits, Herbs, Peppers, Tomatoes, cucumbers, spinach, micro greens, and leafy greens. There will be zero chemical fertilizers used but instead there will be a homemade compost bin that will make a rich and nutritious amount of soil that will be required to grow and sustain all of the plants. There will also be included a little pen house that can hold up to 8 chickens. This will provide you with a substantial amount of protein, sodium, and fat for the day.
The main mode of transportation that will be parked in the lot will be the BMW I8. This car will have a turbo charged 357 hp engine. With a 0-100 in 3.8 sec and it reaching up to 155mph it is still much more efficient than a Prius. The second mode of transportation will be a popular and simple bike. It literarily cost nothing but your own energy to get you from Point A to B. There will be the standard recycling bin and in the garden there will be a homemade compost bin that will quire all the dead leaves and wasted food. In the process it will make a perfect natural soil filled with pure nutrience that will be needed to grow future plants. The animal to adoption was the Amur leopard. It is a very solitary animal and there are only 35! left in the wild. There are on the list of critical extinction and if we don't act fast there will be none left in the World!

Atoms, Elements, and Compounds

Three chemicals that are found in the common house are Ammonia, Bleach, and Air fresheners. Ammonia is a very violent chemical, it can seriously damage the eyes, respiratory system and skin. Bleach is a very strong corrosive. It can potentially irritate or burn the skin badly if in direct contact. Air fresheners sound harmless but actually clog up your nasal passages with an oil film. It consists of a chemical called Phenol when in contact with skin it will cause to burn, swell, peel, and break out hives. All the elements that make out bleach are Chlorine, sodium hypochlorite, calcium hypochlorite, and hydrogen peroxide. Chlorine is a Nonmetal and is located in Group 17 of the periodic table.

The Characteristics of Electricity

The type of electricity that will be used in the home will consist of both solar and wind energy. Half of the roof will be equipped with solar panels that will be that main source of energy and the other half will have a small garden. In the backyard there will be two large windmills that will also have a large portion in generating the required amount of energy needed to power the home. Some popular physical structures that the house will include are lots of windows that will allow as much natural sunlight as possible. There will also be self-filtering system that works when there is a rainy day all the water draines down the pipes goes through a filtering stage and then is stored in 500 gallon tanks under your house. All of the appliances that will be in the home will all be made by Energy Star. They are the most energy efficient items on the market toady. The light bulbs that will be used are LED lights, even though they are more expensive than the regular 60-WATT incandescent light bulb it will show over time in quality. Osram Sylvania figures that putting its $39.98 LED in to replace a 60-WATT incandescent will save you $132 over the life of the bulb, assuming a price of electricity at 10 cents per kilowatt-hour. That's more than 25,000 hours, or 17 years of using a light bulb everyday for 4 hours.

The Study of the Universe

The first item is a simple but very effective telescope. The telescope was invented in 1609 by a italian physicist and astronomer named Galileo. The next item is a GPS which is a very essential item used in todays world especially in the Future. The GPS was originally designed for military intelligence at the Cold War in the 1960's. Both of these items are very essential in space exploration especially since our technology is going up very quick and we will be exploring new things and without these two basic items it almost might be impossible.

Looking For a New and Eco Friendly Home

Well look no more, we can flip your home around with a completely new and eco-friedly design that will guarantee for your happiness and the happiness of the environment.