Go Fourth!!!

Monday, June 6

Second to last week of fourth grade!

This has been a great one so far; let's finish strong to the end.

If you zoom in on the picture above, you can see our noses are blue with sunscreen from our sunny day walk-a-thon. :)

We have been reviewing, quizzing and re-teaching many of our math skills and concepts in preparation for our end of the year math test on Friday. Some of our students have been working hard and are looking strong for the final. With a few others, it has been like pulling teeth to get them to even turn in their homework! Please keep checking the planners and helping encourage (enforce) diligence and hard work! It definitely pays off in the short term as well as the long term.

Friday will be a big day for as it is the official last day of the trimester. We'll also have our last Language Arts and Spelling Test on that day as well.

I will be sending home a list of what to send in for our picnic next Tuesday. Please send enough to share. It looks like we will be combining with the seventh graders for food and games as well. Fun!

On the last day of the year, I thought we should have a mini party/breakfast with muffins, fruit, juice, scones, .....? What do you parents think? I could give the kids a mini movie and we're trying to finish our last read-aloud of the year; Mrs. Frisby and the Rats of NIHM. I realize that's two things to send in one week, but the kids have been working hard and I think it'd be a nice send off to fifth grade. Let me know your thoughts!

Have a great week! We've been trying to carry on even though our classroom is so warm it makes us all sleepy.


~ Upcoming Events ~

* Thursday, June 9 ~ 8th Grade Graduation. 6:30pm

* Friday, June 10 ~ End of Trimester

* Monday, June 13th ~ Fourth Grade Read-In

* Tuesday, June 14 ~ 4th Grade Class Picnic, more details to follow

* Wednesday, June 15th ~ Field Day!

* Friday, June 17 ~ LAST DAY OF SCHOOL! (half day)

Picnic Food Sign-up

I'll assign food shortly, but if you'd rather choose a favorite recipe or specialty, please let me know!


* Bacon wrapped something (bragged on by student earlier in the year) :)

* Deliciousness like tamales/taquitos/burritos/tortas...?

* Chips (especially anything "spicy")

* Veggies

* Pizza

* Fried Chicken

* Fruit: easy to handle; watermelon cut into wedges, grapes, tangerines...?

* Dessert: cookies, brownies, easy to handle

* Drinks: Lemonade/Ice Tea (Gallons), Capri Suns