My Science Fair Project

By: Lucas

What my science fair project is about.

For my Science Fair project, I'm testing how long different salts effect boiling points in water. What will be homogenous, or the same, throughout the project is that I always put 2 cups of cold water and 1/2 cup of the different salts.


Will boiling water and salt effect how fast just water boils.


My hypothesis is that the salt will make it longer to boil because the salts will make it more dense.

Background knowledge

What I know that the salt will make the water denser and it will take longer to boil.

What you will need for this project.


Kosher salt

Regular salt

Sea salt

(cow) Mineral salt

Softener salt

a Measuring cup

a pan

a stove with a burner


The burner on the stove should always be on the highest level of heat. You should always get a rolling boil. NEVER stir the salt after you put it in the pan. Put the water in before the salt. If you have more than one big burner than you can use that one while the other one is cooling off. One thing to know is that the regular boiling water time was 4 minutes. Another thing to know is that the softener salt is pellets.


  1. Kosher salt 4 Minutes 42
  2. Regular salt 4 minutes 6 seconds
  3. Sea salt 4 minutes 49 seconds
  4. (cow) Mineral salt 4 minutes 50 seconds
  5. Softener salt 3 minutes

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My Conclusion

My Conclusion is that my Hypothesis was correct besides when I boiled softener salt. I knew that the salt would make the water denser and harder to boil.