Chinese Food

By O. DeWarns

Chinese Food

Chinese food is very popular in many places! A lot of people prefer specific types of food, such as rice, tea, tofu, and chicken. Most meals include rice, either on the side of the meal or the main dish. For their meat they usually caught fish and ducks. Chinese tea is very popular! Some teas were used as medicine, others are really expensive. Rice grows a lot better in marshy areas. Chinese wanted a good harvest all the time!


Rice was used for many things. It could be used for wine, cakes, and puddings. Most meals were served in a bowl. Rice was grown in Southern China in about 5000 B.C. Chili peppers were an added ingredient for spice. Rice is staple grain that was prepared in a ding pot. It is a very popular dish served all over the world.


Chinese tea is probably the most popular drink! Tea was used as medicine and many other things. In 1000 B.C. tea grew wildly all over China. Some tea is very expensive! Tea was sipped from small bowls, now a days it is put into a small tea-cup. It has grown in China for a very long time. Tea making was so popular it became an art. Some eat fresh tea leaves. Most tea has an aroma. Personally I think the aroma smells awful! There are a lot of different types of tea, some are…… green tea, black tea, oolong tea, compressed tea, and scented tea. Tea has been growing for so long, and to this day it remains one of the best drinks on the charts!


Tofu was first made in China over 2,000 years ago. Legend has it, tofu was invented when a cook decided to experiment on soybeans. Most of the time tofu was eaten as part of a vegetarian diet. Tofu can be baked, boiled, fried, barbecued, or steamed. It can be used in any curry dish or fried rice.

Extra Fun Facts!

Fortune Cookies

Fortune cookies aren't only a good treat, nice encouragment, and hope. It's a different kind of superstition that involves food. It's very hard to believe this but, some people base their future on what a fortune cookie says. For example if it said "In 3 months you will fall in love," the person who received the fortune might believe it is telling the truth and will wait 3 months! It is unbelievable what a tiny little fortune can do to one person!
Chinese Food: A Brief history