Sheridan Library Update

December 2014

Quality College Courses Online - Coursera

Want to learn something new or provide your students with additional content? Online educational opportunities continue to grow and blossom and there are many truly impressive courses available for free from leading universities from around the globe. One platform you can use is Coursera which has partnered with top universities and organizations to offer lectures taught by world-class professors through which you can learn at your own pace, test your knowledge and strengthen concepts through interactive exercises. This allows students to be a part of a global online learning community. Courses are offered in a wide range of topics such as Humanities, Medicine, Biology, Social Sciences, Mathematics, Computer Science and more. I am taking a course about teaching online starting in January...looking forward to it! Think about joining me!

Sheridan Library Goes Digital - eBooks are here!

SHS Staff and Students can now read books checked out from our library on any smartphone, tablet, laptop or computer. This service is called "Overdrive" and the list of books has been growing steadily since the launch of our virtual library shelves. Our students read fiction almost exclusively, so the Overdrive account reflects that, and what a GREAT selection of books for young adults and those who work with them. You can browse the collection from the library homepage by clicking the blue link that says Overdrive or better yet, download the overdrive app to your phone or tablet and choose Sheridan High School Library when it asks you to add a library. You can then check out a book and download it to your phone or tablet and read whenever the spirit strikes! You will be prompted to put in a username and password. Please email Diane for that information. Diane and Allayne are compulsive Overdrive users, so can answer any questions you have!!!!

Thinglink - Link, organize, teach

In this day of interactive popups and image rich websites, it is always fun to find a simple way to enhance and enliven instructions. Thinglink won't change the world, but it will make things more interesting for you and your students. Take a look at this simple graphic that links to Youtube videos about Google presentations or take a look at a Thinglink which gives tons of ideas and samples that would work for teachers and students. The basic Thinglink is free and could be used by either students or teachers for presentations, instructional maps or to simply gather many resources in one place. Think of this as a poster on steroids or a graphic organizer with lots of content just a click away. Simply upload an image and then start inserting tags that link to websites, images, videos, reports, files, whatever you or your students want to present.

Tech Help

There is now a shared folder in your Google Drive that has a variety of Tech How-tos. This is being added to all the time as new tips, techniques and instructions are developed. Check the folder out here. Remember that you can always get one on one instruction for any task by calling or emailing the library.

new books of note...

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