my future

by Tanner

right brain thinker

Although I am capable of using both the right and left side of my brain depending on the situation, I am most comfortable while using the right side of my brain. That means that I am creative. Because I am a right brain thinker, I could use more logical.

my personality type







  • conduct quality control tests.
  • prepare test solutions, compounds, or reagents for laboratory personnel to conduct tests.
  • develop, improve, or customize products, equipment, formula, processes, or analytical methods.
  • supervise test procedures.
  • analyze test results.
  • conduct experiments to develop new products.
  • doctoral, bachelors, or masters degree
  • American Chemical Society (ACS)
Colorado chemistry:

  • Hourly range pay: 16.27-55.59
  • Yearly range pay: 33,840-115,630
National chemistry:

  • Hourly range pay: 19.75-57.98
  • Yearly range pay: 41,080-120,600

  • chemical technicians
  • computer network architects
  • microbiologists