Lets Split!

What is Mitosis?

Mitosis is when one cell dies, another cell splits to take its place. Mitosis has 7 stages and it is crucial to life.
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Stages of Mitosis

  1. Interphase: when the cell prepares for mitosis and stays the longest in this stage
  2. Prophase: The first stage of mitosis and when the chromosomes split and then the cell has 92 instead of 46.
  3. Prometaphase: The second stage of mitosis and when centrioles move to each side of the cell and attach to the chromosomes
  4. Metaphase: The third stage of mitosis and when the chromosomes align in the center of the cell
  5. Anaphase: The fourth stage of mitosis and when half of the chromosome is pulled to each half of the cell; getting ready to split.
  6. Telophase: The fifth stage of mitosis and when microtubules disappear and cell division begins
  7. Cytokinesis: The sixth and final stage of mitosis and when the cells are split into two daughter cells with 46 chromosomes each
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Why is Mitosis Important?

It is important because without mitosis, whenever our cells die, we couldn't be able to replace them. Mitosis plays a huge role in reproduction. Without it, we wouldn't be able to produce offspring and if we couldn't do that, then eventually the human race would die out. Also, mitosis helps us grow and repairs our damaged tissue.