MHS Updates

Two Weeks Before Mid-Terms/Finals

Students have twelve school days before exams. We have modified the Power Hour schedule to provide students additional opportunities to review, re-assess/re-do, and turn in missing work.

Now is the time to start talking with your child on their plan to prepare for exams.

  • Start preparing now, procrastination never works out.
  • Create a calendar of when/what will be studied and how you will study. It is not as simple as re-reading information. It is important to interact with the material as much as possible.
  • Evaluate your current status. Are there opportunities to show the teacher what you have learned?
  • Do your best!
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Below you find the exam schedule for December 19, 20, and 21. A few reminders:

  • No early finals will be administered.
  • Be on time and better, early.
  • Please do not pick up students early from a final. Calling into classrooms disrupts the testing environment. We release at 10:20.

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2019-2020 Course Selection to Begin Soon!

Counselors are beginning the class selection process of the 2019-2020 school year. Below are a few items students should be aware of.

1.Counselors will distribute course selection sheets to all 9 - 11 grade students on Wednesday.

2. Instructions for the students will be posted on Google Classroom and Advisory classes will review the course selection sheets with the students.

3. Students will be entering their course selections directly into Student Vue this year. This step needs to be completed before counselors meet with English classes. Counselors will be in English classes for grades 10 and 11 between Dec. 10 - 14 and grade 9, Jan 16 - 18.

2nd Quarter Progress Data

Below you will find data for 2nd Quarter D's and F's. Students continue to experience a significant decrease in D's and F's since last year. We did, however; see an increase from the last grade reporting period. This was not entirely surprising as students begin to feel comfortable and this is a time period where there is less urgency.

Our goal continues to be "Academic Proficiency" throughout the year. It is important for students not to lose sight of this.

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Science Olympiad Scores Big in Latest Competition

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1st Place: Victor A. (Dynamic Planet), Carl Z. (Fermi), Chris C. (Fermi), Logan D. (Herpetology),

Dylan M. (Herpetology)

2nd Place: Spencer M. (Fermi), Savannah L. (Fermi), Savannah L. (Mousetrap), Jared C. (Mousetrap), Seth C. (Chem. Lab), Brandon L. (Chem. Lab)

3rd Place: Logan B. (Anatomy), Anthony C. (Anatomy), Jack B. (Fossils), Lucas F. (Fossils), Myles W. (Boomilever), Jared C.(Boomilever).

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