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Bryan Lichnovsky


Hermes is the son of Zues and Pleiad Maia. The son of Hermes was Pan, the pip-playing god of fertility.

What does he do/ god of

Hermes (being the god of roads, doorways, protector of cattle, sheep, and travelers) travels all over the world. Some myths say he doesn't stop but is constantly doing work for the gods. He lives on Mount Olympus with most of all the other gods.

(He also guides people who have died to hades)

Appearance/ symbol

Hermes was often described as a young man who was clean shaven. He had a wand with two snakes wrapped around it (Caduceus), a purse, and winged sandals (Talaria). He is often symbolized by his winged sandals.


Hermes doesn't really have a weakness. He is a quick and very smart god. He is told to have beheaded a hundred-eyed herdsmen called Argus. He was later called "Argeiphontes" or "slayer of Argus."

Hermes, when only hours old" got out of his crib and went down to the beach where he saw a tortoise. he took the tortoises shell and attached four strings to it ( creating the first lyre).

Favorite tale: Hermes wife's sister was jealous of her sister for marrying Hermes. For this Hermes turned her into stone!


Hermes is a very athletic god. He opened the first wrestling school they say, because he loved the sport so much. He is the messenger of the gods so he has to be pretty fast! He is also very skilled at music. I mean you kind of have to be if you invented a instrument.

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