Manicure scenario

By: Annabelle and Jaiden

Pre-service Procedure

1. Wear gloves for protection

2. Clean all implements with warm water, soap, and nail brush

3. Rinse and dry all implements

4. Disinfect all implements for about 10 minutes

5. Remove implements, avoiding skin contact, and rinse and dry tools thoroughly.

6.Store disinfected implements in a clean, dry container until needed.

7.Clean and then disinfect manicure table and drawer with an appropriate EPA-approved disinfectant.

8.Remove gloves and thoroughly wash your hands with liquid soap, rinse, and dry with a clean fabric or single-use towel.

9. Sanitary table set-up.

10. Greet client and give client a intake form.


Create and implement a step-by-step plan for accomplishing the service the client requested.


1. Advise client on proper home care

2. Schedule next appointment

3. Thank client for visiting your salon

4. Prepare work station for next client

Manicure Scenario

First we set up the space and get the station ready for the client. When Zoe comes in the nail salon, we give her the client intake form and check her nails for any sign of disease. Her nails look healthy and she tells us she wants them done for a St. Patrick’s Day festival. We decide to do an ombre green and gold on four of her fingers with one painted white with a ombre clover on top of it and top with some glitter. We chose this design because it's not over the top and it would most likely go with her outfit.