Instructional Coach Weekly Update

Week of October 24-28

Strategy Spotlight

Have you seen the video of Chicago Cubs player Anthony Rizzo apologizing to the umpire? What a great example of a professional athlete being an UPSTANDING citizen. Rizzo accepts fault for his previous at bat behavior and apologizes to the umpire!

Showing this video to your students could be a great teachable moment for them. Many of our students look up to professional athletes and want to be just like them when they grow up, however professional athletes aren't always the best role models. We don't always see athletes demonstrating our CPU core values of being caring, positive, and upstanding.

The following blog post is written by a mother in response to the video. It's not an article to read to students, but it was eye opening to me to think about all the ways professional athletes behaviors' often go against everything we are teaching in school. Please don't take any offense by the curse word she uses in the title (and a couple times throughout the article), I promise the take aways are worth it :)

"Teaching our kids grace and humility in a world of ..."

Timers not Working on TIER

I know we are still having issues with timers on TIER. Both our tech people at CPU and people at the state level are trying to figure this out. For the time being please use your cell phone timer or other timer as your students are reading. So you will still have to hit "start time" on the computer but also hit start your cell phone or on a separate timer because we have to make sure we are being as accurate as possible.

I know it is very difficult to be accurate on catching student mistakes when you are constantly having to look up to catch the exact time the timer hits 60 seconds!

Learner Poster

If you would like a poster like the one below (discussed initially in last week's smore) to refer to and use in your classroom to begin teaching students the necessary skills needed to be a good learner (aka "Visible Learner") in your classroom let me know and I will work on getting those to teachers that want them.
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This Week

  • 7:45-10:45 Meeting with Dilyn and Jennifer at middle school - MTSS
  • 10:15 5th grade team planning
  • 1:30-3:00 follow up Jess Q meeting with Jon
  • Work with staff
  • Learner interviews with students


  • 7:00-8:00 Weekly meeting with Jon
  • 10:15 5th grade team planning
  • 10:45-3:15 Summit meeting with Jennifer
  • 3:15 3rd grade team planning
  • Work with staff
  • Learner interviews with students


  • 7:45 Data team meeting
  • 8:30-11:30 meeting with Heather - sp. ed. curriculum
  • 3:15 Blended meeting
  • Work with staff
  • Learner interviews with students


  • 7:45 staff meeting
  • 3:15 Fourth grade team planning
  • Work with staff
  • Learner interviews with students


  • 7:30 special education meeting
  • Work with staff
  • Learner interviews with students
  • 12:00-3:30 weekly IC/lead meeting

Monday morning pick me up

What would your students say to you?
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