Sassy Solar

By Jordyn Jackson

Solar energy is a alternative energy source. Over 900,000 people use it. They use it cut their fuel bills and save money.

How it works

First, the sun heats up water inside of glass panels. Second, a bunch of it's pumped through a tube painted black. The pipes are black, so the water can get hot. The water is pumped at the bottom, through a convection. A convection involves a fluid. The hotter, less dense things are rise through the top and the colder, more dense thing sink because of gravity.
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Extra Info

Make sure to drain water to stop water from freezing in the winter.

Insteresting Facts

  • Every min enough energy to run a whole year.
  • Cells called photovoltaic, PV, or photoelectric turn light into electricity.
  • When there's a sunny day you can light a100W light bulb.
  • Add the sun moves across the sky the mirrors move to absorb heat.