The outer layer of the earth!

What is the lithosphere?

The Lithosphere is a layer of rock going from the crust to 44 through 60 miles deep

Why is the Lithosphere important?

  1. The lithosphere serves as a source of minerals. The minerals supply the basic materials required for making a variety of commodities, which man uses daily.

  2. The lithosphere is also the major source of fuels such as coal, petroleum and a natural gas. Without these fuels human life, as we know it today, would have been impossible.

  3. The lithosphere in combination with the hydrosphere and the atmosphere plays a vital role in the growth of plants and animals. It provides nutrients to the plants. The plants are the source of food for man and all other animals.

How is the Lithosphere dependent on the other spheres?

It is a base layer that all the other spheres can rest on. It rely's on the other layers for protection.