Adesse Church Sales

December 19-20

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Thank you for responding!

We only have 2 families signed up to cover 3 Masses this weekend so we have lots of openings. If you need more tickets, stop by either campus office today!

Here is the coverage list:


  • Saturday . 4:30pm . OPEN
  • Sunday . 8:00am . OPEN
  • Sunday . 10:30am . Diehl Family


  • Saturday . 5:30pm . Ehlbeck Family
  • Sunday . 10:30am . Ehlbeck Family


  • Saturday . 4:00pm . OPEN
  • Sunday . 8:00am . OPEN


  • Saturday . 4:00pm . OPEN
  • Sunday . 10:00am . OPEN


  • Saturday . 4:30pm . OPEN
  • Sunday . 8:00am . OPEN

Instructions for Sales

  • Please show up to Mass 5-10 minutes early and let the priest know that you are there to sell tickets after Mass. Ask them to please announce to the congregation that you are there for sales.
  • Please leave your sales area the same way that you found it.
  • If you are selling at the 10:00/10:30 Mass, please be sure to put any tables away that are out for Adesse sales.
  • If you can cover any of the 'OPEN' slots above, let me know and I'll mark you down.
  • If you have any questions, text, call or email Laura at 815-541-2596 or

Thank you and . . .

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