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March/April 2022 Updates

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Happy Spring!

Greetings Region Four Educators,

As spring (and spring break!) are quickly approaching, it's time to begin reflecting upon your professional learning needs for the upcoming summer. We have many new opportunities posted for March; however, our Summer 2022 will be sent in our next monthly newsletter prior to April 15. Please feel free to reach out with any questions.

We are here to serve you! If you need additional information or would like to discuss specific plans for support for your school or district, I am happy to assist you at 205-348-6951 or via e-mail at

Happy learning!

Dr. Holly Morgan

Director, UA/UWA Regional In-Service Center

March/April 2022 Professional Learning Opportunities and Updates

Begins March 1! ACLD-PLU Opportunity: Leading Schools in Disruptive Times

The UA/UWA In-Service Center is offering a free, virtual ACLD-PLU opportunity based upon the text, Leading Schools in Disruptive Times. The PLU is limited to 30 participants; books will be provided for educators from the UA/UWA In-Service Center region. The PLU begins in March and ends in May.

Register via PowerSchool Section #425397. First session is today, March 1! Three seats remain!

Special Education Seminar: IEPs, Eligibility, and Criteria: March 8

Join us on Tuesday, March 8 as we learn from attorney Erika Tatum. Erika serves in the law practice of Hill, Hill, and Carter in Montgomery, Alabama. You can read more about Erika at

During this session, Erika will share information regarding specific case studies and strategies related to IEP eligibility, defensible IEPs, and disability criteria.

The session will be held from 8:30 am to 2:30 pm at the UA/UWA Regional In-Service Center, 260 Kilgore Lane, Tuscaloosa, AL 35401.

Register via PowerSchool Section #426240 or by using the following link:

West Alabama School Counselors' Needs Assessment

On February 11, our center hosted the 2nd Annual West Alabama Regional School Counselors' Conference with over 100 attendees! In order to assist our steering committee with preparations for next year’s event, we ask that school counselors in our region complete this very brief survey that is linked below by Wednesday, March 9.

Thank you!

West Alabama School Counselor Needs Assessment

ARI Lunch and Learn Sessions for Administrators

ARI Lunch and Learns for Administrators- As outlined in the Alabama Literacy Act (ALA), the ARI local and regional literacy specialists must be clear and intentional in working with the school administrators to create a strategic plan for coaching that includes coaching and mentoring teachers daily (p.10). This strategic plan for coaching will assist in a seamless transition to the 2021 Alabama Course of Study: English Language Arts (ELA COS). Each Lunch and Learn will include time to explore a specific area of foundational reading from our 2021 ELA COS and support administrators in ensuring all educators in our buildings have a clear understanding of how the science of reading is explicitly incorporated to enable K-3 students to master grade-level content.

Lunch & Learn 1

  • September 30, 2021

Lunch & Learn 2

  • December 2, 2021

Lunch & Learn 3

  • January 27, 2022

Lunch & Learn 4

  • March 10, 2022

Lunch & Learn 5

  • April 28, 2022

All sessions will be held via Zoom from 10:00-11:00 am. Register in PowerSchool via the following link to receive the Zoom links.

ASIM-ALSDE: ACT Science Virtual Learning Series

Join Keshia Williams and Sonya Scott for this ACT Science virtual learning series that begins on March 10. Register via the PowerSchool section numbers listed below.

ACT Science: Overview and Resources (Section 429211)

Thursday, March 10th @ 2:30 PM

This 1-hour virtual session is designed to provide participants

with information and strategies for success with the Science

Reasoning portion of the ACT test. This will be an overview of

the types of questions, strategies, discussion of the

performance level descriptors, and resources.CT

ACT Science: Data Representation (Section 429212)

Thursday, March 17th @ 2:30 PM

This 1-hour virtual session will provide participants with

information and strategies for success on the Data

Representation passages of the Science Reasoning portion of

the ACT test.

ACT Science: Research Summaries (Section 429213)

Thursday, March 24th @ 2:30 PM

This 1-hour virtual session will provide participants with

information and strategies for success on the Research

Summaries passages of the Science Reasoning portion of the

ACT test.

ACT Science: Conflicting Viewpoints (Section 429215)

Thursday, March 31st @ 2:30 PM

This 1-hour virtual session will provide participants with

information and strategies for success on the Conflicting

Viewpoints passages

National Board Mentoring: March 31 and April 28

Receive support from an assigned candidate support provider as you work on your selected component(s) in a small group setting. CSPs will facilitate discussion and sessions specific to your needs.

When: March 31 and April 28 from 5:00-7:30 pm

Where: UA/UWA Regional In-Service Center and Fayette County High School

Register in PowerSchool via Section #404469 (March 31) and #404470 (April 28).

ALSDE National Board Certification Scholarship: Applications are due by March 31!

The ALSDE National Board Certification scholarship has now been released. The electronic application can be downloaded at The deadline for submitting an application is March 31, 2022. All applicants will be notified of their status by May 14, 2022.

April 5: National Certificate for STEM Teaching (NCST) Informational Session for UA/UWA Region

Do you currently hold a TEAMS contract in your district? Are you planning to complete the National Certificate for STEM Teaching (NCST)? If you answered yes, join us for this informational session on how we can support you in the process.

Information will be shared by NISE (National Institute for STEM Education) staff and coaches, and time for Q&A will be given. Also, staff will share how you can get a discount on your registration fee by participating in the cohort!

When: April 5, 2022

Time: 3:30-4:30 pm

Where: Virtual Via Zoom

Register: PowerSchool Section #428748 or via the following link:

PLUACLD1001: Implementing a Community of Practice with Technology Frameworks (PSPL Section #427978)

Join Dr. Robert Mayben for...

PLUACLD1001: Implementing a Community of Practice with Technology Frameworks (PSPL Section #427978)

This PLU will meet face to face from 4 PM to 6:30 PM at the UA-UWA In-Service Center in Tuscaloosa on April 7, April 21, and May 5. Participants will learn strategies to support teachers on the effective integration of technology with pedagogical strategies into specific subject areas.

Registration Link:

What Makes Kids Feel Loved? General Tips for Positive Parenting: Session offered by UA's Center for Youth Development and Intervention

  • "What Makes Kids Feel Loved? General Tips for Positive Parenting"
  • April 8, 1:00-1:30 pm
  • Virtual session via Zoom
  • Register in advance at
  • Session is provided by UA's Center for Youth Development and Intervention

PLUACLD986: Increasing Productivity Using Google Tools for Administrators; ALSDE Technology Initiatives (PSPL Section #427979)

Join Dr. Robert Mayben for...

PLUACLD986: Increasing Productivity Using Google Tools for Administrators; ALSDE Technology Initiatives (PSPL Section #427979)

This PLU will meet virtually after school from 3:45 PM to 5:15 PM for 3 consecutive Mondays in April (4/11, 2/18, 4/25). Participants will develop skills using proven tools and strategies to support teachers and improve student learning, motivation, and achievement.

Registration Link:

Spring 2022 UA/UWA In-Service Center Governing Board Meeting

Tuesday, April 19th, 3:30pm

Virtual via Zoom

Please join us for the spring Governing Board Meeting on April 19. All teachers, administrators, counselors, and librarians are invited to attend. A list of current board members can be found at The meeting will be held virtually via zoom. A link will be shared with all members. If you are not a member but would like to attend, please request a link from Dr. Morgan at

UA/UWA Region 4 Curriculum Directors' PLC: Spring 2022

  • April 29, 2022
  • 10:00 am-12:00 pm
  • Virtual meeting via Zoom
  • This year, we will host 3 meetings with the curriculum directors/professional learning directors who serve as direct liaisons to the In-Service Center.
  • Each of these regional meetings, beginning with September 24, will occur 2-3 weeks after the ALSDE's Curriculum and Instruction meetings. The purpose of this timing is so that we may discuss specific updates, data, and requests for support based upon the information shared at the ALSDE meetings. We will share ideas and network to share best practices within our region.

April 29: National Board Spring Writing Retreat

If you are an NBCT candidate in the UA/UWA Region, join us on Friday, April 29 for our spring writing retreat. Candidates will work on their analysis of evidence and written commentary. Full-day substitute reimbursement will be provided for each participant (as long as the educator teaches in Region 4, UA/UWA).

Spring Writing Retreat

April 29, 2021; 8:30 AM-3:00 PM

Register via PowerSchool Section # 404475

Alabama's Teacher Observation Tool-Training for Administrators: Additional Session on May 2

If you were unable to attend one of the fall sessions for administrators, we are offering another session of the initial training on May 2!

Title: Alabama’s Teacher Observation Tool: An Overview for Administrators

Course Description: Alabama Achieves, the strategic plan of the Alabama State Department of Education, specifically focuses on providing students with highly effective teachers. The ALSDE has partnered with Cognia in creating a teacher observation tool that provides educators with specific areas of strengths/growth and aligns with the Alabama Core Teaching Standards. The instrument also assists educators in developing professional development plans and choosing informed professional learning experiences. In this session administrators will be able to

  • Understand the Teacher Observation Tool

  • Utilize the Teacher Observation Tool for classroom observation

  • Calibrate scores on the Teacher Observation Tool

Time: 8:30 a.m.-3:30 p.m.

Location: UA/UWA Regional In-Service Center, Tuscaloosa, AL

Register via the following link in PowerSchool.

AETC Conference 2022

June 15-17, 2022


Early Bird: $140 (ends April 18th)

Pre-Registration: $150 (April 19-May 27)

Late or Onsite Registration: $175 (after May 27)

AETC 2022 will be in-person this year and we look forward to seeing you!

You can find the schedule and more at!

2022 Gulf Coast Conference on the Teaching of Writing

The 35th Annual Gulf Coast Conference on the Teaching of Writing will be held on June 27 – June 30, 2022, at the Grand Hotel Golf Resort & Spa, Point Clear, AL. The UA/UWA Regional In-Service Center will sponsor one participant's registration fee from each district in our region. If you would like to attend, contact Mrs. Banks Gordy at for more information regarding the registration scholarship.

The registration deadline is June 11, 2022.

Teacher Job Satisfaction and Wellness Survey Related to COVID

Researchers from The University of Alabama's College of Education are conducting a national survey of K-12 public and private educators to examine stress, burnout, job satisfaction, and teacher wellness with specific questions regarding the impact of COVID-19 in US schools. Please use the following link to access the survey:


ATLAS Resource

Administrators in our region who recently attended the Teacher Observation Tool training were re-introduced to ATLAS. ATLAS is used as a resource for with our National Board Support Cohort due to its video repository and commentaries created by NBCTs. It can also be used for personal professional development, district new teacher support and induction, and more. This resource is open to full-time, public school educators in Alabama. Please contact Dr. Holly Morgan ( to request an account and free access to the resource.

ALSDE Office of School Improvement Resources

Thank you to the ALSDE Office of School Improvement for this great resource for ACAP and ACT! New Performance Level Descriptors (PLDs) just posted!

ACAP Resources

ACAP Checklist & Presentation

  • OSI has developed an ACAP checklist and presentation to assist educators with various tools and resources developed by ALSDE & DRC.
  • Access checklist here.
  • Access presentation here.

Follow the ALSDE Office of Student Learning Wakelet!

Follow the ALSDE Office of Student Learning Wakelet for information on AMSTI, ARI, ATIM, Regional Inservice Centers, and more!



Please contact Sara McGee ( with requests for professional learning needs.

Alabama Science in Motion

Contact our specialists today to request on-site instructional support! We are here for you!


If you are a new teacher needing ASIM training, please reach out to us directly via email, phone, and/or text.

Lab Safety

We are unable to provide printed safety contracts, but you will be required to have one on file for your students. You may use the Flinn Safety Contract (also available in Spanish) or a personal/district plan. Try paperless! Use your LMS platform and ask students and parents to sign digitally.

ASIM Biology

Please contact Lisa Clark at to schedule classroom coaching sessions.

ASIM Chemistry

The following sessions will be offered for this semester:

  • Chemistry Lesson Training on March 29th
  • Physical Science Lesson Training on April 15th.

If you would like a detailed agenda, contact Brooks Moss at

If you would like to register for a session you may do so at this link:

If you have questions or would like to schedule classroom coaching, contact Brooks Moss at

ASIM Physics

ASIM Physical Science/Physics training will be offered Saturday March 5. Please contact Julie Covin for eligibility questions and registration.

Alabama Reading Initiative

ARI Quick Links to Support the ALA Implementation

Family Newsletter

ARI's Spring Break Literacy Fun | Smore Newsletters

Register today for the next LETRS cohort!

Go to the new Alabama LETRS Webpage. If you look to the right hand side there is a peach button for those interested in registering for this amazing opportunity that the ALSDE is providing to public education teachers. Priority is reserved for those involved in full time K-3 foundational literacy. That includes central office staff, building administrators, local reading specialists, K-3 literacy teachers, special education teachers, interventionists, and university personnel just to name a few.

Alabama Technology in Motion with Dr. Robert Mayben

Click on the following link for regional opportunities from Dr. Robert Mayben, UA/UWA ATIM Specialist:

Contact Dr. Robert Mayben at to support your school or district's technology professional learning needs. PLU opportunities and other training opportunities are posted in this newsletter above!

University of Alabama Online

Our 100% online and hybrid advanced education degrees have been recognized by U.S. News & World Report! We're proud to be ranked 20th Best Online Master's in Education Programs and 6th Best Online Master's in Education Programs for Veterans. Learn more about our flexible UA Online programs.

New Dyslexia Therapist Program at The University of Alabama

The University of Alabama College of Education has a new Dyslexia Therapist Program.

Applications and information can be found at

UWA Online

Start Your Journey Today At UWA!

Choose from more than 70 degree and certification programs at the University of West Alabama Online.

Learn how an online program can give you the convenience and flexibility you need. Scholarships available at:

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