Ozone and Why You Should Be Worried

By Devin Smith


Ozone is a gas of three oxygen atoms that is completely colorless and odorless. Good ozone occurs in the upper atmosphere where it protects us from UV rays. The bad ozone occurs at or near ground level caused by pollutants from cars, factories, and other sources which react chemically with sunlight. The bad ozone can cause serious health problems. Since it is mixed with air, your lungs breath it and thus suffer the brunt of its effects. You can tell when your lungs have been exposed to ozone because you could start coughing, feel irritation in your throat, and even feel an uncomfortable sensation in your chest. Ozone worsens the conditions of asthma and can cause a decrease in lung capacity. Extended exposure to ozone can change the lining of your lungs and can even cause damage to your immune system.


Guide to Less Exposure and Solutions

Prevention and Reduction

In order to prevent ozone exposure to the lungs you need to limit your activity outdoors. The more strenuous the activity is the higher the chances you will be affected by ozone. Since ozone is created by pollutants that react in heat and sunlight, the reduction of use of cars can help reduce the level of ozone. To do this you can carpool with friends and make sure your car is tuned properly. Making sure there is a tight seal on any chemical products also helps.