GRE Staff Newsletter

For the Week of September 3, 2018

Dear Staff,

I hope you found time over the long weekend to slow down a bit and do something you enjoy! After getting a new school year up and running, you deserve it! I really enjoyed each of our Data Team Meetings over the last week or so. Your dedication to making sure we support all of our learners is inspiring. It made me pause and think about how special each of you are. You are so student focused and so willing to support your colleagues to make sure they can be successful. It really is quite remarkable. This week we will begin to support our students through Tier II and Tier III support. As we get in the swing of students rotating through the building, let's make sure we coach our students to move through the halls silently. I notice that this is the hallways expectation listed on signs around the building, so let's be sure to set our students up for success!

Although it's a short week, we have lots going on! This includes Picture Day on Thursday. Be sure to remind families on Wednesday night to complete order forms and be picture ready on Thursday. You can find your scheduled time here. I hope to continue to get into more and more classrooms this week. When I come in, please don't feel like you need to explain what you are doing or worry that you're not on schedule. I'm simply there to support you and the work you are doing. I may jump into lessons or ask questions to students but at the core, I'm there to help you be the best teacher you can be!

Let's make it a great week!


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News to Share

1. After observing every grade level's recess, please plan to have one team member remain at the Gaga pit. There appears to be a great need for coaching in this area of the playground. Whether it is the rules to the game or how we respond when we get out, we need to continue to teach our students the appropriate way to safely play this game. Special thanks to Jody who reviewed the rules with our older students and provided opportunities for practice in Physical Education this week.

2. Take time to review this ALICE Refresher video from Deputy Snyder. We are not showing it to students, but it is a good reminder for staff as we enter this new year.

3. Do not place stickers on Chromebooks. If you would like to label your Chromebooks with your classroom information or a numbering system, please use a label maker. These are the only stickers that come off devices with out significant work from the tech team. Also, we've already had a few Chromebooks sent in with keys picked off. If your students are on devices, please have them work in a spot where you can supervise what they are doing and help us deter this (at times) expensive repair.

4. With our switch to badging in instead of fobs, we need to make sure every staff member at GRE gets their photograph taken this Thursday. This is extremely important so please plan to have your picture taken at the same time as your class or find a time throughout your work day to make sure this happens.

5. Beginning Tuesday, I will not be pulling Intervention staff to sub in a classroom. If you are absent and we can not find a sub, we will be splitting your class. At PLC's this week, please discuss your plans for how to split your class in the case of not having a sub. See me if you have questions. With our students first mindset, I can't see canceling groups for our most struggling students and therefore will look at any other option I can.

6. A link to the teacher portal and Clever is now found under the BW links for easier access. Be sure to check it out!

How we should all talk to ourselves!

Supporting our Students

I'm on Twitter constantly and often find something that has me saying "YES!" out loud (yes, even in public). I found these on Twitter and really connected with them. What are your thoughts? (Click on image to enlarge)

Week at a Glance

Monday, Sept. 3rd- No School; Happy Birthday Danielle LaSota!

Tuesday, Sept. 4th- B Day; Staff Meeting moved to next Tuesday 9/11

Wednesday, Sept. 5th-C Day;

Thursday, Sept. 6th-D Day; Picture Day (Schedule)

Friday, Sept. 7th-A Day; Conference Information sent home