The Gringer Gazette

Week of November 16th - 20th

Upcoming Events

Junior Band - Days 3 & 6

Swimming - November 18th

PTA Meeting- November 19th @ 7pm

Report Cards Distributed on November 20th

Parent-Teacher Conferences - November 23rd & 24th

1/2 for Students on November 23rd (Dismissal @ 11:30am)

No School on November 25th, 26th & 27th


We are still studying realistic fiction. Students have chosen debatable ideas about their texts. Next, they will determine two reasons to support their thinking and find evidence from the text to support these reasons. Students are using an app called Popplet to organize their thinking. The chart below shows the scaffold for their responses.
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Students will be completing a writing piece about what they are thankful for. We will be focusing on brainstorming, editing and revising.

Social Studies

Students will begin their summative assessment for "Where We are in Place and Time". For this assessment, students will design the 51st state. They need to make a map of the state and include landforms and natural resources. They need to explain why these resources and/or landforms would encourage people to move to their state. They are so excited about this!


Students are continuing to practice multiplying multi-digit numbers by one digit numbers. They will begin to work on solving two step multiplication story problems this week.

Parent Guides: