Why the US entered World War II

Rise of Totalitarian Regimes

Japan took over china and then after the Attack on Pearl Harbor Japan and Germany joined allies. Totalitarian is the rise of a single government (dictatorship)

German U boats in the Alantic.

6 years of naval warfare, U-boats had great success against Allied convoys, sinking merchant ships with torpedoes and then submerging to evade the counterattack by escorting warships

Lend -lease act 1941

allowing the president to send fire arms and other defense weapons to foreign nations
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cash and carry policy

was requested by FDR , and was put into place that other countries good get the weapons from the united states if the took the risk in their own ship to get them and if they paid full in cash.
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pearl Harbor

On December 7th the Japanese launched the attack on Pearl Harbor. Pearl Harbor was the last and final cause for the United States to inter the war. They destroyed 20 American ships and 300 airplanes 2,500 American men died in the attack of Pearl Harbor. President Roosevelt declared War on December 8th. Three days after Japan joined allies with Germany.