Red Lobster Seal Slaughter Boycott

By: Gizem And Farah

What is it?

Red Lobster is America's and Canada's number one seafood chain with more than 600 restaurants in the U.S. The company that owns Red Lobster buys millions of dollars' worth of seafood each year. This includes the same people who club seals to death. These fisherman make majority of their income from fishing not sealing. If enough people boycott Canadian sea food then the Canadian government and the Canadian fisheries industry would be forced to close down the hunting of seals. These seals are not killed for food. They are killed for fur. If still alive, once a seal is clubbed it is skinned alive. This is the largest marine slaughter in the world and it is happening in Canada. By boycotting Canadian sea food Red Lobster could let the world know that it cares about what people think and the world around them. Please let Red Lobster know that you are angry because they are refusing to join the boycott

Sarah Asparagus.

After I found out about this issue, I stopped going to red lobster. I found it very harmful to the seals and other animals that eat the seals. They are not being killed for a good purpose, using their fur is not a good reason to be killing these animals. I was reading a website and found out they sometimes don't die after being clubbed so they get skinned alive. This is a violation of animal rights and it should stopped. To help this cause you can always go into the restaurant and let the manager know where he's buying the seafood that is being sold there, or simply write them a letter. The company that runs the restaurant is called Darden Concepts inc. We've provided their main factory building address below; you can always just mail or phone toll free.

Contact Red Lobster Today!

Please help us stop this. Contact Red Lobsters’ corporate address as it is provided below.