Sounds of the Suburbs

The Venue Newsletter

Our gig is getting closer every day!

We've only got about a week until our gig goes out so get your tickets as soon as you can from the box office and prepare yourself for an amazing night of all original music ranging from electronic to rock and much more in between. It'll be a night to remember so definitely come along and enjoy a pint while you're at it.

Teaser Gig

On May 20th all the bands playing on the 'Sounds of the Suburbs' gig gave a small sample of their set thus far. And through minor technical difficulties the bands all put on a great show which was fun both for those in the audience and for those on stage.

Thanks to all those who attended and gave feedback.

See below for information on how to buy tickets for the show.


They can be purchased through the box office -
01322 629422 or visit the website

Don't forget to give the name of the performer/band you're coming to see as the band with the most people will headline!

Sounds of the Suburbs

Thursday, June 9th, 7:30pm

Oakfield Lane


The show will be held in the venue which our Front of House will show the way to and the doors are open at 7 so you have time to get a drink from the bar before it begins. It's all standing, however, if seating is required due to any reason then there are limited seats available on request.

The Creators

The rehearsal process has been smooth and easy going. Mostly creating songs from a quick jam and taking the best bits or using the vocalists pre-made songs and adding to them and crafting more full songs out of them.

In our first session we discussed what we wanted to make and talked about our influences. Funk was mentioned and so from that we jammed a funk song which over time through jamming the song a structure was created and was formed completely into a finished song.

For the songs that the singer made before hand we worked out the notes and added any parts we thought would work.

The rehearsal/writing process was actually quite enjoyable and relaxed and thus far I think we have all very much enjoyed each other's company which is reflected in the music we make.


Rehearsals for this band ran smoothly from the start when writing our funk song, this was catchy and danceable with simple but clever lyrics about a now single and independent woman throwing out her ex and her shade with it; He's not her baby anymore. We moved onto an angrier pop punk song about having something left to say to a partner whom the writer wasn't with anymore and the seasons that passed changed their relationship. Then into an indie song about a boy who just keeps pulling you back... We tried to sway from relationships for the next songs because that's not all that matters. Success and revenge go hand in hand and in the next song we decided to write was just about that this one was all about "Settling the score." "Broken town" was our next project, describing the things that not everybody sees on the streets because it happens whilst they're tucked up in bed. Of course there's always a sad song isn't there? And what's sadder than writing about a best friend who passed away? And finally, we will be returning to the relationship wagon, I mean everyone resorts to that when the writers block hits right?


The band rehearsals have been used to identify where we can improve on our song repertoire (by working on specific parts that do not add to the overall song) as well as writing new material. as a band, our song has gone a lot darker than we intended to so we've spent some time during the past week working on amending some songs and writing new ones which are similar to the indie rock genre with direct inspiration from bands like Don Broco. Our rhythm guitarist departed from the band last week so now Ivo is fulfilling rhythm with a possible special guest to fill the lead guitarist position.

South of the River

During our bands rehearsals we have written many songs and made them unique to our style of music. This week has been a very successful week in improving our songs as well as making sure they are tight so they are perfect for our up and coming gig.


Our rehearsal sessions have been going really well and we've established what our group is which is a electronic/acoustic group. Our time has been spent improving songs by adding instruments and progressing further with our skills. We spend all our time in the midi room where we have access to the computer which has the song tracks that we use on it, we can also plug in the drum and launch pad to use while Tom plays acoustic guitar and Caroline plays saxophone.