My Virtual Resume

Manreet Jawanda

My Academic S.M.A.R.T Goals


From now till the end of high school, I want to able to get an 80% in math throughout my high school career.


In my life I plan on taking math for the rest of my life in school and beyond when I am in University. For me to be able to track my goal along the way I will need a lot of teacher assistance whether it be coming in at lunch or after school for extra help or maybe even asking a lot of question on how I got a certain question incorrect. To keeps this goal intact I want to study at least 4 hours each day so everything I have learned over the course stays fresh in my mind.


What I will do to achieve my goal is I will have my family quiz me on what I will potentially be on a test or a quiz using little cue card. I will do my best to achieve my goal of 80% throughout my high school careers is I will study over every single unit and will go over all my notes multiple times to help me on a upcoming test. The feedback that I will receive from my teacher in math will be taken in to consideration as I will go over the parts that I have made the mistake on. When our math teacher will hand back anything that is significant for me to maintain an 80% I will go over the areas that I have made the mistakes with my tutor so she could also help me improve on those mistakes. For every question that I get wrong on a test or a quiz or maybe even if I did something wrong on an assignment I will take 30 minutes for each question I get wrong and fix my mistake rather than just leave it, also in any spare time that I have I will try and go over math with friends or cousins when the math teacher or my tutor are not available. In order for me to achieve my goal of maintaining an 80% in math throughout high school I will continue to review notes daily as I have noticed that when I review my notes I usually end up doing well. I will also continue to receive help from others like my tutors and family because I have noticed that with the most help I receive the better my understatement is of what we are learning, however there are areas where I could improve in to help me get a 80% throughout math. I need to improve on asking questions when I don't understand instead of just doing it and not receiving any help. I would also need to improve on having my family test me as I feel that before a test or something have them quiz me will only benefit me.


My goal in life is to become a lawyer and to achieve this goal I need to keep developing my math skills to the best of my abilities.In order for me to become a lawyer I need to maintain great marks throughout my academic math career. My parents have set a high standard for what they want me to be ever since my cousin started medical school. I feel as if becoming a lawyer is very accomplishable for me as I have always been pretty good in math and if I stay on the right track nothing could stop me.


To achieve this goal of maintaining an 80% in math throughout my math career there will need to be a lot of adjustments made. As of right now I would need to start studying for about 30 minutes and slowly build myself up to being able to study for a good 4 hours,little by little I want to spend more time with my teacher at lunch maybe reviewing and going over somethings for about 15 minutes then try to build up to stay for the whole lunch
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My volunteering S.M.A.R.T goals


How I want to have at least 60 hours of community service completed by the end of my grade 11 school year by volunteering at an old age home.


How I can keep track of my hours is by tracking them on the community service hours tracking sheet whenever I go and volunteer my time at an old age home. With the help of the community service hours tracking sheet I will have a great idea of how many hours I will still need to complete my goal and will tell me how much closer I will be to my goal of 60 hours.


How I plan on getting my 60 hours of community service finished is by going to the local old age home called leisure world. I will be able to walk to leisure world as it is not to from where me and my family live. As I go there to volunteer I will do my best in order to please them with what I can do, I will also do as they say no matter what it might be just in order for me to get my hours. I will need to be very responsible and take this very serious and if they want me to be there by 9:00 am I will be there ready to do my duty and slowly as I do so I will have my goal of 60 hours of community service achieved in no time. The days I may have things to do I will have to reschedule them as I have taken full responsibility of talking care of the elderly. The days that I may not be feeling up to par, I will force my myself to get going on what I signed up for and I will also my brother and parents there to also nag me about being so lazy the days I feel like not going so I can feel some shame as there shouldn't be any excuses. I will continue to go to leisure world and volunteer on a consistent basis so I don't throw off my daily routine I will have going where I will have many times managed like how many hours I will be volunteering that day, what time I will sleep, what time I will wake up and how many hours I have left to volunteer.


In my opinion I feel as if this goal is very realistic and doable as in total I have already 17 hours of community service under my belt and will only need to complete a total of 43 more hours in approximately 1 years time. For me to have this goal achieved with no stress I could start my community hours as fast as I can and to have no weight on my shoulders as I could complete the remaining hours slowly, calmly and peacefully.


As I plan on completing the remaining of the rest of 60 hours at the old age home before the ending of grade 11, I need to start planning what days I might be free that I could go there and spent maybe 10-15 minutes a day so that I could have my goal achieved by the end of grade 11, I also plan on attending maybe 30 minutes to an hour in the summer as I will have more time on my hands and could potentially achieve my goal earlier than expected.
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Transitions and Changes

Transitions and Changes


Contact Information

Manreet Jawanda

Address: 35 Field Thistle Dr.Brampton, Ontario, L6R3A6

Phone Number:647-667-4476


I am extremely passionate about law and I am seeking a postilion in which my interest in the law field will be challenged and where I could foster new careers opportunity and enhance my skills.


Louise Arbour Secondary School Brampton, Ontario

OSSD September 2014 - June 2018

University of Toronto Brampton, Ontario

Bachelor of Commerce September 2018 - April 2022

Work Experience

FreshCo Brampton , Ontario

Produce Clerk September 2018-2022

  • New Comer of the Month
  • I had to make sure that all the vegetables and the fruits where were they had to be
  • I had to get rid off all the vegetables and fruits that may have been bruised
  • I had to make sure that if any vegetable or fruit was on the ground that I had to throw it away
  • I was awarded a $10 gift card to Bramalea City Centre for not calling in sick

Micheals Brampton, Ontario

Customer Support Employee April 2014-June 2015

  • I had to make sure that all customers left satisfied with the help they received
  • I had to make sure that I answered the phones regarding any questions some customers had
  • I was given a medal for winning the most creative worker

Grabba Pizza Brampton, Ontario

Cashier June 2015-August 2015

  • Employee of the week
  • I made sure I gave back each customer the right amount of change
  • I had to make sure that I was always ready to serve a customer
  • I had to make sure that all the doors were locked at closing time
  • I was given a bonus for being such an impressive employee

Extra Curricular

Brampton Minor Baseball Institute May 2013 - September 2018

  • Captained my baseball in for 3 seasons (2014,2015,2017)

Brampton Youth Hockey Association September 2010 - March 2016

Link Crew September 2016 - June 2018

Volunteer Experience

Brampton East Brampton, Ontario

Coaching June 2016-August 2016

  • I had to keep count of how many players attended the game
  • I had to make sure that all players played the same amount
  • I had to be fair and let each player play the position they wanted too
  • We came 2nd place out of all the teams

Maple Grove Care Community Brampton, Ontario

Elderly Support July 2014-September 2014

  • I had to make sure if any senior needed anything I provided them with it
  • I had to a company seniors if they wanted to go walk outside
  • I had to make sure that each senior received three meals a day
  • I was awarded the responsibility award by my fellow workers

Liberals Brampton, Ontario

Campaign Volunteering September 2015 - November 2015

  • I had to make sure which house wanted a sign on their front yard
  • I had to make sure I went to each home on the street to ask if they wanted a sign
  • I worked 20 hours and received 20 hours from Ms.Sahota

Skills and Abilities

  • Able to manage and organize information
  • Friendly
  • Persuasive
  • Persusive
  • Able to work under stress
  • Nice
  • Flexible


Honor Roll June 2018

Law Degree June 2025

Completion of High School June 2018

First Place Grade 7 Spelling Bee May 2012

  • Grade 3 Citizenship Award


Bachelors of Commerce Degree of Law April 2021

M.V.P of Sunny View Hockey Team May 2014

Student of the Month April 2014

OSSD June 2018

Hobbies and Interests

  • Love helping people
  • Friendly debating with friends
  • Hockey
  • Reading
  • Like to volunteer
  • Baseball
  • Basketball


Tarnvir Sandhu, Superviser, FreshCo, 647-971-8025,

Sunny Bains, Superviser , Chalo FreshCo, 905-791-1394,

Harman Bains , Customer Service, Micheals, 647-667-9778,

Sakinder Pandher, Owner, Grabba Pizza, 416-918-4476,

Challenges and Solutions

Manreet Jawanda



Ms. Tran

June 15th, 2016

Three issues facing a Lawyer

Lawyers face challenges in their day to day lives and are forced to work around them to make sure that they are the best lawyer that they can be. Lawyers face many challenges but the challenges of conflicting home and work priorities, dealing with clients that are very difficult and having to work under high stress are the main challenges that a doctor face.

Firstly, the challenge of conflicting home and work priorities becomes a huge issue. Lawyers are very busy people in their day to day lives and usually end up having conflicts between their priorities that they have for work and the priorities that they have for home. Lawyers work on multi-day 24 hour clocks to close deals with tight deadlines. Lawyers also lose many days and many months preparing and conducting for any hearings that they may have. Many lawyers have said that running your own law firm can be like running a marathon as your a constantly on the go and trying to come up with your case. For lawyers their family time can be chaos their time that they have to rest, demanding your time and energy just as you return home and anticipate rest as kids and doing house chores and trying to help out your significant other. Doing work at home for a Lawyer is a great challenge as it is very hard to do with all of the home as meeting deadlines is very important in a lawyer's everyday job to keep meeting deadlines as that's what makes the lawyer a great and efficient one. The challenge of managing your work priorities and home priorities is a huge problem when it comes to being a lawyers but the pay evens it out.

Secondly, the challenge of dealing with clients is very crucial for a lawyer to be successful. Lawyers come across many hard to deal with and difficult clients throughout their time being a lawyer and sometimes can become a challenge. Some clients tend to come off as rude because they want the lawyer to win them the case adding extra pressure on the lawyer as not only is the client being a bit of a douche but is also adding extra pressure to the lawyer. Lawyers rely on the client to give them their full honesty and accurate information for the lawyer to come up with the best and possible defense. If the clients tend to be difficult and not trust the lawyer and give inaccurate information the lawyer can look very foolish in court. Clients that tend to be difficult can make a lawyer's very angry and the lawyer can sometimes lose their trust in the client due to behavior making it a challenge on them to defend a client that you have zero trust in. For a lawyer losing a client even though they may be difficult is a major loss as there has already been tons of money and time put into creating a file and case for the client and losing the client even though they may be difficult to work with is a lose-lose situation. Keeping a difficult client is basically just as costly as losing it because of everything that has already been done in defending the client like coming up with the case and putting money into the investigation to come out with proof.

Thirdly, high stress is a challenge for all lawyers as you are constantly under pressure to come up with the best case. Meeting deadlines put a lot of pressure on lawyers that can lead to them constantly being stressed out as they have to meet their deadlines when submitting files and coming up with a case. Long hours at work and demands from clients can lead to a lawyer being under pressure and put a great deal of stress on the lawyer. Coping with the stress is something every lawyer has to do to make sure that they are the best lawyer that they can be. Other things that can lead to a lawyer being stressed out is all the competition that they may have in the field of law. Lawyers all around are constantly making sure that they are the ones getting all the business and that causes stress because you always have to watch out for the other law firms and always have to try and one up them to make sure that you get all the business. Lawyers also experience high stress when the become desperate trying to find facts and evidence to come up with the best case to make sure that their client comes out on top. Even when defending your client, lawyers face tons of criticism when their client may be found guilty, constantly keeping the lawyers under high stress. Experiencing high levels of stress becomes common to some lawyer but will always remain a challenge to many as coping with the stress can become a major challenge.

To conclude, being a lawyer comes with many benefits in life but there are many downs to it. Many challenges occur in the workplace of a lawyer and it is up to them to deal with these challenges to make sure that they are the best they can be. Conflicting home and work priorities, dealing with clients that are very difficult and having to work under high stress remain to be the hardest of the many challenges a lawyer has to face in their day to day jobs.

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