Mrs. Dearmon's Rockin' Fourth Grade

February 1st - 5th

Important Updates

  • Virginia Studies Test on VS4 Tuesday. Morning Review 7:45 in Mrs. Keller's room.
  • Students have some homework this weekend due to the snow days and teacher workday on Monday.
  • New grading period begins on Tuesday. Report cards will be going home on Monday, February 15th.
  • I would like to have the husky store on Friday. Please send any donations you can for this by Thursday. We will take anything you have!

What is Going on This Week in Curriculum?


Mrs. Dearmon's Math Class

  • Tuesday we will be reviewing and going over the practice test. The students have a practice test that is due Tuesday for HW this weekend. Use the green journal for help if needed. The test on geometry is Tuesday. I will be having a morning review session for anyone that would like to attend. I also have activities on the Edmodo math site. I added some games for transformations which we learned about on Friday.

  • Wednesday we begin our new unit on adding and subtracting fractions with similar and different denominators. We begin by exploring the addition and subtraction through fraction bars. The students will see how the bars need to be the same in order to combine them. This is a concrete way to introduce the concept.

  • Thursday we continue exploring by using models of fractions. The students will be changing a model of one fraction to make an equivalent fraction in order to add or subtract them.

  • Friday we begin learning about common factors and finding the Greatest Common Factor (GCF) which will be used to simplify fractions.

Ms. Olmeda's Math Class

  • We will continue (and finish) the second portion of the Geometry unit for the students. This week, we will discuss how to determine whether a polygon is congruent or similar, discussing a transformation/rotation/flip, and the students will work with tangrams (combined polygons that create an illusion of an object) in the classroom as well.
  • The students will have a quiz on congruent and similar shapes this Tuesday. I have uploaded some virtual practice for students to use on Edmodo. Your child may still be using Mrs. Dawson’s Edmodo account. Unfortunately, I had to create a brand new one; it is very easy for your child to join. The group code is 6u63ta.
  • Because we are finishing this unit this week, the students will have a test this Friday. It is very important for them to study.
  • Also, on February 8th, the students will take their benchmark assessment. It would be a great idea to have students spend 10-15 minutes a night looking over their previous notes to review the material.

Reader's Workshop

  • Independent reading each day.
  • Wednesday is the test on the January Words of the Day. There is a Quizlet on Edmodo and the students brought home their yellow journal. This month began with the word "bleak".
  • Small groups are currently working on word reference materials such as a dictionary, thesaurus, and glossary. They will be learning what each resource is used for and how to use the resource to answer questions.
  • On Thursday, all the students will be completing a mid-year benchmark reading assessment. We will be starting the test after lunch. It will be done on the computer and the students will be proving their answers on notebook paper.
  • Newspaper and spectrum will be completed this week.

Writer's Workshop

  • We will have a few days to finish up on our drafts of the fictional narrative.
  • I will be giving the students a narrative checklist to help monitor their writing.


  • On Friday we will be back to science for a week. Friday we will be completing a motion lab in groups and learning about the concept of friction through an inquiry investigation.
  • My hope is to finish this unit at the end of next week. It is a shorter unit than previous ones.

Virginia Studies

  • The students will be having their social studies assessment on VS4 on Tuesday, February 2nd. There is a study guide that the students are to finish for HW.
  • Use the study guide review to study and there are many games and powerpoints on Edmodo posted by Mrs. Keller and myself.
  • She will be having a study session on Tuesday morning at 7:45 in her room.
  • Wednesday the students will be gluing in notes and beginning VS5 on the Revolutionary War.