Andrew Jackson

A Zero ? more like -BMS


In my perspective Jackson was a total zero because he abused his power. No president that rules over people should be abusive to his power he should be fair to everyone and not show favoritism.

The Power to Veto

President Andrew Jackson was the first president to ever over use his power to veto, any bill that was waiting to be passed he vetoed it. If the bill wasn't in is favor or if he didn't approve of it he would veto it without any second thoughts because he didn't care what what everyone else thought he did what he wanted to when he wanted; he thought just because he was the president he could do whatever he wanted to do, And that wasn't right nor fair.

Indian Removal Act & the " Trail of Tears"

There was a group of Indians named the Cherokee. The Cherokee people lived in the southeastern united states mainly in Georgia. Many Americans favored Cherokee land because they could grown cotton and gold was found under there land, when they found this out they knew they had to get the Cherokee nation to leave. Jackson disliked the Indians and would do whatever he had to do to get them to leave; so in his power he created the Indian Removal Act. This Act stated that Americans could trade land with Indians and they would be supported, but that did not happen. Instead of the Indians being supported Jackson had officers to escort them from there homes in Georgia making them leave almost everything they new as life behind. The Indians were pushed off there land leaving them with nothing and during the extreme winters and summers some died, this tragedy was known as the " Trail of Tears".

Worcester v. Georgia

When the Indians saw all this stuff happening there leaders came together and decided to go the the supreme court. When they had went to the supreme court and stated there grievances the supreme court came to a ruling that stated that the Cherokee nation was a" sovereign " nation and Americans could not interfere with the Cherokee. The Cherokee were happy about this ruling and thought that all was good, until it came before president Jackson. Jackson did not have the power to veto this ruling so instead he ignored it and did what he wanted to do and made the Indians move anyway causing them to suffer in silence.

Political Cartoon ( King Jackson )

Below there is a picture of President Andrew Jackson, in this picture Jackson is holding a veto in his hand, and as me all know from previous information that Jackson over used his power to veto. We also have Jackson standing on the U.S constitution which is torn up basically saying that Jackson didn't about all that was said it was either his way or no way at all. They have President Jackson depicted as a King because they were comparing him to King.

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