The Great Depression

By: Alton Udeh


1.The Marxist believe in communism and their view regarding capitalism is that it is correct and the right way to govern.

2. Germany's economy went downhill fast after losing the war. They spent so much money during the war and had none left and had a lot of inflation going on and many people losing jobs.

2.They promised everyone that the economy would grow and become strong once again and they promised jobs for everyone and they promised they would be the strongest country in the world.

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Economic Problems

1.The French and British were making plans to use their money to pay for loans so americans' began to withdraw money.

2.The weakness was the depression of agriculture, the price of overproduction, and falling prices. It began during the Great War in the European economy.

3.In October 1929, this was when the great depression began. Cities all around the world were hit hard, especially those who relied on industries.

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Government Action

1.Men lost their jobs and could payfor their rent, so eventually they had to move out.

2.The government stop spending money during the wars ans Japan created new jobs and germany made reconstuction jobs.

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