Team Dazzling Daisies

November Stats & Recognition

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Our Newest Consultants!

Patricia Rodela, Corpus Christi, TX

Kim Cooper, Euless, TX

Gina Mann, Cypress, TX

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Top in Personal Sales

CONGRATULATIONS to these $1000+ Sellers!

Tyra Booe $2,703

Laetitia Meneley $2,693

Emily Shaffer $2,648

Lyndsay Lashley $2,200

Kathy Juenke $1,977

Crystal McCullough $1,940

Nika Radfar $1,601

Amy Reddoch $1,495

Darlene Pecoaro $1,446

Laura Whorton $1,292

Laure Mays $1,251

Shirin Tello $1,079

Jillian Krause $1,000

Top in Recruiting

CONGRATULATIONS to the following Dream Builders!

Brandy Alexander - 1

Jillian Krause - 1

Amy Reddoch - 1

Top in Parties

CONGRATULATIONS to our top Party Girls!

Laetitia Meneley, 7

Emily Shaffer, 4

Kathy Juenke, 4

Crystal McCullough, 4

Shirin Tello, 4

Tyra Booe, 3

Lyndsay Lashley, 3

Nika Radfar, 3

Lauren Mays, 3

Amy Reddoch, 3

Top in Team Sales

The following had the Top Team Sales! To qualify for this category, they must be a Senior Consultant or higher and have at least $4,000 in team volume.
Way to go!

Jillian Krause, Director $13,307

Kathy Juenke, Senior Director $10,841

Emily Chambers, Senior consultant $5,641

Amy Reddoch, Director $5,493

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Tammy's Stats

Personal Sales: $1,546

Number of Parties Held: 3

Team Sales (GEN 0): $22,138

Downline Team Sales: $47,307

Consultants (GEN 0): 76

Entire Downline Consultants: 156

Commission: $2,691

Commission without leadership: $386

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Benefits of Leadership

  • Earn extra commission on personal sales
  • Earn overrides on team sales
  • Opportunity to earn bonuses
  • Opportunity to earn the leadership trip

Next year it is in the Dominican Republic!

  • Invitations to Directors Only events
  • Directors Only amenities
  • Recognition at National Conference
  • Help others achieve THEIR dreams

And the list goes on and on!

Any consultant has exactly what it takes to be a Director. You must know your goal, believe in yourself and be motivated to take the steps to make it happen! Remember, we ALL started the same way - with a $99 sales kit!

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December Customer Special

Mix, match and GIVE the perfect gift! *Thirty-One Gifts December 2015*

December Hostess Special

The Cindy Tote! *Thirty-One Gifts Hostess Special Nov. 25-Dec. 29*

Looking Ahead to January

Mark your calendars – the Ready, Set, Sell earning period is back for a limited time from Dec. 30, 2015-Jan. 20, 2016. Which level will YOU be celebrating?

A Sneak Peek at Spring-Summer Tools