Concept: Antigone

For most of us family always comes first no matter what, so why would it be any different for Antigone? Both of her brothers are murdered by one another and yet only one of them got a proper burial, which of course is not fair. Antigone must disobey Creon's say of not burying Polyneices, for he is her brother and he too deserves a burial of honor just like Eteocles. Family comes before any law, which can clearly be seen by Antigone's action of giving Polyneices a near to proper burial because in her eyes she had obeyed the "Law of The Gods." When confronted by Creon she does not deny her actions she even states "I deny nothing," (Line 352) for she believes she did the right thing. Plus when Creon says that her death will be everything she pleads "... I beg you: kill me" (Line 397). In other words, she pleads death for something she believes was right to do; the right to break the law for her brother.

Concept: Ismene

Ismene at first did not support Antigone on disobeying the law, but when her sister is being convicted of her crime and asked if she too shares the crime she states, "Yes, if she will let me say so. I am guilty" ( Line 430). Which shows how much she cares for the only family she has left. At first, Ismene did not understand why Antigone would do this but when she finally does she bravely says, "I am here to join you, to take my share of punishment" (Line 433-434). Proving her love to her sister and showing how much she really does care about her family even if it involves her death sentence as well.
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