School Dress Code

And how I think it's a bad thing

No to School Uniforms

I say no to school uniforms because students and teachers cant express their selves in their own way.


A way students express their selves in school is by the way they dress. If we have uniforms then those students cant express their selves and no one will know how out going they are or if they are shy because everyone will be wearing the same thing.
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Don't parents want their kids to express their selves in their own ways? Well with school uniforms those kids cant express their selves. everyone will be wearing the same thing. Yes it saves money on clothes shopping but most kids look forward to getting new clothes for school so they can show off to their friends.
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Say no to School Uniforms

In my opinion i would like to have the choice to be able to wear the clothes that i like but not all people feel that way. With uniforms it's a lot easier to get up in the morning because you already know what your wearing, but you will have to wash your uniform every day unless you have multiple. If you feel different about all of this then ok. This is just my opinion. These are the reasons why I think school uniforms are bad.