CT News 10.17 - 10.21


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Announcements: Wagner (Students to office by 7:35)

PLC Color Week: White

PLC Flex Week: Odd (5/3/2)

Week @ a Glance


Fall Fundraiser Ends

RtI Meeting

8:30-10:00, Campus Tech Meeting - Gober

6:00, Board Meeting @ Admin - McMurtry


6:00-7:00, PTA Meeting & 5th grade performance




8:30-2:00, 5th grade to Ft. Hood

8:30-3:00, IC Learning Day @ Admin - Munz


BEEF Grant Applications Due

7:45-8:30, CT University

Important Info & Key Dates

  1. Literacy Library... Beginning Monday, there will no longer be a tub in the library for you to place books that you have checked out. If you take books from the literacy library, place them in the appropriate box (and take the entire bag of books). There are quite a few missing books and books that have been pulled out of their bag and cannot be readily placed back in their appropriate spot for the next teacher. If a bag needs to be replaced, take the bag to Christy Jones and she will replace the bag and fill out the info on the front.
  2. BEEF Grant Applications... Grant applications are now posted on the website. Teacher grants can be found at http://www.bisd.net/Page/23 and paraprofessional grant applications can be found at http://www.bisd.net/Page/24. The deadline for applications is October 21st.
  3. District Forms... Updated district forms (i.e. field trips, volunteer, monies collected, etc) can be found on the BISD website, under ‘staff’ > ‘forms & reports’, http://www.bisd.net/Domain/105
  4. Student Attendance... If a student is absent 2 consecutive days, call home. Communication with families, regarding student's attendance, is key to ensuring students attend school.
  5. Parent-Teacher Conferences... Sign-in sheets should be turned in to the office as soon as conferences are complete.

Coach's Corner