Austin's Five Themes of Geography

by Megan Hernandez


This picture represents location, because it shows the city, and Lake Austin. The absolute location of Austin is 25ºN 10ºS.


Paddle boarding is an example of place, because Austin is very hot and humid. Paddle boarding is a good way to cool off during the spring and summer, and is really fun!


6th street is an example of region, because it is an area that is dedicated to entertainment and cultural gatherings. Many festivals take place here, and is one of the busiest and crowded parts of Austin.


Many western states are moving to Austin. The Central Texas Region has a better economy and better housing values.

Human Envirement Interaction

Years ago a series of dams were built in central Texas along the Colorado River to provide hydro-electric power to support industry to provide economic development and recreation for the region. These dams include Tom Miller Dam and Mansfield Dam that help create Lake Austin and Lake Travis.