Preschool News

Miss Amy and Miss Courtney's Class

This Week

This week we started learning all about Apples. We assessed the students background knowledge about apples. We talked about who liked apples, what we knew about them, where they came from and what colors they can be.

Monday, we had a Miss Becky whole group lesson where we learned about reading people's feelings based on the way we look. We looked at a lot of different characters and talked about the way they were feeling. Then we talked about how we can look at our friend's faces and and know whether they are happy, sad, scared, excited, etc. Then, we talked about how to help a friend that isn't feeling happy. The kids were very engaged and really seemed to get something out of this lesson! On Monday, we also celebrated Dana's birthday with fruit and some family visitors! It was a special day!

Tuesday, we read a Scholastic News Magazine about Apples. We discussed the parts of an apple, colors of apples, if apples float, who eats apples, etc. The kids then chose which color apple they would like to make as the project. They voted on the board and then had to go to the table that correlated with that apple. They used small cut up sponges to paint the top and bottom of the apple core the color they chose, and then they had to use a small Q-Tip to paint the seeds in the middle of the apple. This project not only addressed the science behind apple parts, but addressed positional words and following directions as well. At the end of the day, Miss Kara came in and did a group lesson that worked on our throwing skills and we even did some yoga!

Wednesday, we all tasted red, green and yellow apples and we had to vote on which was our favorite. We talked about the way the apples tasted, how they were the same, if they were different, and why they were our favorites. Again, the students used their name plates to vote on which apple was their favorite. We wrote the numeral for the number of votes and we circled the largest number and put a square around the smallest number. Afterwards, we went into small groups. Miss Becky did a lesson with small, medium and big apples as well as color sorting. Miss Jean did an apple stamping table, where the students actually used real apples to make a stamping page. Miss Tam and Miss Court worked with kids to do marble painting on apple cut outs. The kids had to work in pairs to make the marbles roll. Miss Amy worked on the floor with the kids to practice writing our names, which will be a goal for each of us this year! Some friends already know how, so those friends practiced writing last names as well as other words! We are learning so much during this small group time!

Thursday, we had an extended choice time and some of us finished some of our apple projects with Miss Tam. Then, we did a new hello song and rolled a weighted ball around to our friends and talked about our favorite foods. We did a movement song, and then we were ready to sit and be engaged during our story time. After, we learned to rip paper and we glue it in the shape of an apple tree. Some of our apple trees are a bit abstract, but this project was all about the process, not the product. We had snack, and then afterwards we played the "Animal Guessing Game". One friend is the clue giver and picks an animal. They choose three clues to tell the group. When the clues are done, the other kids raise their hand to guess the animal. The kids love this and are very good at it!

Friday, we celebrated Dylan's birthday! Thank you to his mom for coming in to read! We also had art with Mrs. Nice. We are such big kids working in the real art room! We also had lots of time to play and enjoy each other's company. Miss Courtney and Miss Amy really like relaxing Fridays!

Next Week

Next week we will continue to learn about apples. We will make applesauce as a class and also talk about apple trees throughout the seasons!


Wednesday - Gym

Friday - Art with Mrs. Nice

October 17th - Picture Day

October 21st - Field Trip (and Miss Amy's birthday, of course!)

We are all working on our names!