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7 Healthy Gas Station Foods

Eating healthy while traveling is a pain. Here are a few healthy gas station foods that will make eating on the go less problematic.

Seeds- If you can find raw seeds, these have the most nutritional value. Pumpkin seeds and sunflower seeds can be found at most gas stations and provide a good source of many essential nutrients. Sunflower seeds are a great source of vitamin E and 100 grams of pumpkin seeds provide 54% of the daily requirements of protein.

Nuts- Almonds and Walnuts are the best nuts to incorporate into your diet because comparatively speaking they have the least number of calories. If you are trying to find a cheaper alternative, peanuts are high in folate, an essential brain development nutrient.

Cereal - Available at many gas stations, cereal is a good healthy alternative to chips or other snacking products. Find a cereal low in sugar as one of your best options. It is great for having a continuous snack.

Fresh Fruit- If the fruit looks edible, fruit is a great healthy option.

Trail Mix- If you are having a little chocolate craving. Trail mix usually has a combination of nuts and dried fruit, sometimes chocolate pieces are mixed in to add a little sweet treat. You just have to make sure you stick to your portions.

Hard-Boiled Eggs-For only 70 calories, eggs are very rich in nutrients. Packed with protein, phosphorus, vitamin B12, vitamin A and more, hard boiled eggs are a perfect healthy gas station food.

Dried Fruit- Some dried fruit can be more nutritious than the natural version. The most nutritious way to eat apricot is dried. A good source of fiber, they also contain vitamin A, C and Iron. Dried cranberries have higher levels of antioxidants than a lot of other fruits. Mango, fig, and raisin are other fruits you can find dried at the gas station.

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