Texas A&M

Mi Futuro Universitario

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College of My Dreams

Texas A&M

College of Architecture

in College Station, Tx

Information Of Texas A&M

Texas A&M of College Station, TX has a population of about 50,000 and the city has around 175,000 people living there. The college as 800 student organizations including the aggie dance team and the construction industry advisory council.

Getting Admitted and Cost of Attending

I must score a 1500 out of 2400 on the SAT. On the ACT I must score a 18 on the writing section, a 22 on the reading section, a 22 on the math section, and a 23 on the science section. My GPA is recommended to be in the top 10% of my class. I must have taken 4 years of math, english, science and 2 years of a foreign language. They want a leader, it's not just about the grades and money. The tuition to attend and stay on campus is around $20,000 a year. The dorms will be a range from $4000 to $10000 a year which is included in the tuition. Now I need to work on scholarships to make the costs go down.

My Future Plan

I want to major in Construction Science and minor in Business. In order to achieve that I have to take an introduction to construction science, english composition and rhetoric, american history, creative arts and business math. I'm surprised that I have to take american history, but I understand why I have to take it again. Some organizations that I have taken an interest in are the Construction Industry Advisory Council (which will help me get a job after college), the Aggie Dance Team ( I like to dance), and the Dance Arts Society (which would allow me to make dances and teach them to other colleges).

Subjuntivo Notas

Presente de Subjuntivo

Verbs ending in


  • -e
  • -es
  • -e
  • -emos
  • -eis
  • -en


  • -a
  • -as
  • -a
  • -amos
  • -ais
  • -an

Razones usar Subjuntivo

2 subjects, 2 verbs

(Subject#1+ verb)+ "que"+ (Subject#2+ verb)

  • Wishes, Hopes, Wants
  • Emotions/Feelings
  • Impersonal Expression
  • Request, Recommendations
  • Doubts, Denial, Disbelief
  • Orders/ Commands (Doesn't necessarily always need "que")

Las Frases de Subjuntivo


R: Mi consejero recomiende que yo aplique para becas a pagar para universidad. Mi mama sugiera que yo mire en linea o el internet para becas.

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D: Yo dude que mi amiga pueda a traer su gato a el universiadad. Mis padres duden que yo vaya a volver a casa cada fin de semana.

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O: Mi profesora ordene que yo empiece aplicando ahora. Mi padre ordene que yo mantenga mis calificaciones alta.

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