Make Lemonade and Current Issues

Discrimination and woman's rights were always problems

Discrimination in the Past and How it's Morphed America

Being an issue for America for many years, discrimination has led America to a change. Discrimination is persecution against a group or people or a person because of their religion, sex, race, or age.
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Discrimination in 1941

On December 7th, 1941, Pearl Harbor was attacked, thus leading to the persecution against Asians. Everyone thought Asians were Japanese spies and wanted them to either die or get thrown into a campground similar to a concentration camp.
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The KKK Affecting America

The KKK was a racist group in which brutally beat and killed black people. Thus the KKK has left blacks to be a little scared to this day due to the KKK thinking whites are superior. Many groups still strive in America.
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Neo-Nazism Affecting America

Neo-Nazism is a group which seeks in reviving the beliefs of the Nazi party during World War II. This party has led to many Jewish people thinking they are not safe if they want to practice their beliefs. It also shows how World War II still lives with us.
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Discrimination Affecting America

These groups and events have changed America in the past hundred years. Discrimination against race has left many people and families dead in the past years. All of these have led to many Americans to be scared and filled with fear. During the 1900's, many black people were treated poorly. African-Americans or Africans were beaten, bombed, and burnt on a daily basis by racist groups and people who thought whites were the superior race and thought blacks were nothing.
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Discrimination in America as of Now

Discrimination is still a big issue in America and it still strives to this day. It has also led many people into hating themselves as well.

Police Brutalilty Against Blacks in America

In the past years, police brutality has become an issue. Just last night as I was sitting down to eat dinner, the news popped on. The header read, "Chicago Police Chief Fired in Aftermath of Laquan Mcdonald Shooting". Laquan, 17, got shot sixteen times by officer Jason Van Dyke. The Chicago police chief refused to release the video for over a year, which led to him being fired.
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Discrimination from ISIS attacks in America

When the California attacks occurred, everyone knew it was ISIS. The terrorist organization is known to have Muslim people in the group. After the attacks happened, many Muslims were persecuted because of their skin color and religion. Many Americans now think that every Muslim should either be deported or killed.
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Trump and his statement Issued on Muslims

Just yesterday night, Donald Trump announced that he is going to not allow any Muslims enter the United States until we can resolve our issues. Trump is also saying he will ban all ways of Muslim entrance into the United States. These statements are in many ways racist, but we can also benefit from. So yeah if we are able to get out all the Muslims, but we would be taking out the bad and goods ones, mostly good. Some people find it very bad or very good if we were to do this.
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Transgender People in America Getting Tormented

To those whom are transgender getting harassed and bullied from the time they wake up to when they fall asleep. Many people do not believe that you can just switch genders just by getting surgery and giving yourself a new name. Those non-believers tend to then harass the transgender person to the point in which they don't want to live anymore or want to switch back. Listed below is one of the transgender characters on a Netflix TV series Orange is the New Black.
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Discrimination in the World as of Now

Discrimination dates back far to when the widely known Holocaust occurred due to the Nazi's beliefs of persecuting Jews. This event led to the opening of many groups, one known as Neo-Nazis.
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Arabia Thinking Europe is Discriminating Against Their People

Just the other week, Arabia issued a statement that said that Europe was discriminating against their people. Arabia's reasoning for this is because Europe has shut down its borders and wont allow in anymore of their people.
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Discrimination Against Blacks Still

Even to this day, the whole world is still discriminating against blacks. Many individuals in the world think blacks steal and rape. The internet and news has caused many people to think this. Nobody thinks that every race does this, not just blacks.
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ISIS Against Muslims

Muslims are feeling the backlash of the attacks in Paris. The Paris attacks have caused Muslims to feel as if they will get judged by just going to the grocery store. This has led to many hiding inside their housing until all the discrimination stops. Many Europeans and Americans think that if you're Muslim that you're automatically apart of ISIS.
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Make America Great Again?

Just the other day in America, Donald Trump had made fun of an American with a disability. Speaking at a South Carolina rally on a Tuesday night, Trump mocked a news's reporter joint disability.
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Discrimination In School

Individuals in the world like to just assume ideas against other people just because of their appearance. People do this because they are blaming the wrong person or were born into it. In Londonderry High School, this occurs on a daily basis just like every other school. It also occurred in my middle school years. Many people stereotype as well, which I hate.
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Discrimination in School Against Muslims

I remember last year how we had this Muslim on our LMS team. People always accused him of plotting the 9/11 attacks because of his skin color. He wasn't even born by that time, so how could he plot them? This is a perfect example of how humans use stereotypes without even knowing the individual.
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Discrimination in School Against Whites

Whites get called out too, remember. The internet has chose how white people think now too I guess. It basically says that if you're white you'll either shoot up a school or kill your parents if you don't get something you want. I've seen this occurring many times in my educational years at the Londonderry School District.
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Discrimination Against Blacks in School

Now going back to my friend, which was called a malicious word during sixth grade lunch in which I will not name. He got very offended by it and got into a fight with the name calling person.
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Discrimination Against Women in School

When I go to the main hallway, to either walk to class or chill out after I get off my bus, I hear a lot of stuff that men say to women that are not true. Specifically last year I heard this person say to his girlfriend in which were both one grade below me that she should get in the kitchen or clean. I told the guy to not say that to any woman in the world or you might as well end your love life.
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Women's Rights in America

Woman's Rights have also been an issue in the past decades. Many still think to this day that men are treated better with jobs, money, and glory. It seems as if we are never going to be able to get rid of this issue, here in the U.S.
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Increasing Wages And Improved Working Conditions

One 1903 struck, The National Women's Trade Union League (WTUL) is established. The WTUL's job is to advocate for improved working conditions and increased wages.
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Women And Voting

When 1920 came by, the 19th Amendment to the Constitution is signed into law by Secretary of State Bainbridge Colby. This then grants women the right to vote on U.S. soil.
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Women and Birth Control

In 1960, The Food And Drug Administrative approves of the birth control pill. The birth control pill, sometimes referenced as "The Pill", is a tablet in which is swallowed. The Pill then sends out hormones to make the woman not pull out an egg, which cannot get the woman pregnant.
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The National Organization for Women (NOW)

In 1966, NOW is formed by a group of feminists including Betty Frieden. NOW is the largest women's rights group in the U.S. They seek to end sexual discrimination, especially in the workplace.
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Women's Abortion Right's

During the year of 1973, Roe V. Wade makes the Supreme Court establish a woman's right to make safe and legal abortions. This then overrides the anti-abortion law in many states. An abortion is when a fetus is killed by either taking a pill or it being pulled out.
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Rape Laws

In 1976, the first martial rape law is created in Nebraska. This makes it illegal for a husband to rape his wife. Raping was always a serious issue with women and with this law less abuse will occur in marriage.
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The Violence Against Women Act

In 1994, The Violence Against Women Act is established which tightens federals penalties for sex offenders, provides special training for police officers, and funds services for rape and domestic violence victims.
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Women Being Treated Differently in America

In America, women are often treated differently, especially in the workplace. People think that women are treated the same as men, but they still are treated differently. Over the past century, many new rights have been added onto their list, but some think that list still is shorter than the men's.
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Women's Achievements

Let's say that your mother reaches the incredible peak of her one thousandth sale. Some men have not reached that record yet in the same workplace as her. The men then become jealous of her and start to dish out mean and vulgar words at her. There has been multiple experiments on this matter and all have been proven to be true. On the other hand, no one says anything mean to the man if he reaches that peak. The only thing he gets is high fives and congratulations.
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Women And Promotions

Based on multiple studies, women are promoted on performance while men are based on potential. That means men move up faster in organizations and make more money just because of their potential, while women have to work their way there and win the promotion.
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Women Being Judged As Too Emotional

If a boss, which is a woman let's say, yells at her employee out of anger, she is judged as too emotional. Studies show that men and women think women should be nice, kind, and nurturing and men should be strong.
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Women Speaking

Women are often ignored in America. Especially during a meeting when one tries and makes a point during the conference. Men tend to just brush off their ideas and continue with their daily life.
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Women And Not Being Included

Drinking, game, parties, work events, or even birthday parties. Women are not invited sometimes just because of their sex. This leads to them being limited on their information and being blamed for it, even though it wasn't their fault.
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How Women are Treated Differently In the World

Women are treated differently everywhere. Some places are getting worse with how they treat women and some are getting better. These places that are bad with how they treat women will most likely never change. Women and men will always be treated differently in the world and it's near impossible to change it.
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Women in Afghanistan

The average Afghan girl will live to see 45. That's pretty low for our time era. Most women cannot get the help for child birth, so they die during it in Afghanistan. Also, 87 percent of women living in Afghanistan admitted to being domestically abused. Over one million widows have been forced into prostitution. To top it all off, Afghanistan is the only country in the world known to have a higher female suicide rate than male suicide rate. This all makes Afghanistan known as one of the most dangerous places to a woman.
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Women in Democratic Republic of Congo

Women who strive in the D.R.C live a horrendous life. A war in which claimed over three million people has put women life's on the front line. Women are brutally raped daily. These sexual encounters have led to women to their death; others left with HIV and to look after their children alone. Then looking for food and water just leads them to more trouble. Without money and the strength, women cannot leave the place.
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"Stop Throwing Like A Girl"

Many of us have heard of this subject across the world before. The malice saying that caused a much uproar in the world. Every boy has heard and said, "Stop throwing like a girl" in their lifetime before. If you think about this more you can see how men think women are bad at sports. This is just another example of how women are treated differently than men in the world.
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Women in the Military

Many think a woman should be able to serve for her country and many think they should not serve. Men can sign up easily and women should be able to as well. Thinking that women are fragile and can't hold a gun has led to this topic being a big issue. All across the world, many goverments do not allow any women to serve, but encourage men to.
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Should Women Even be in The Workplace?

Talked about for ages, this topic made many mad or happy. In many countries, women are allowed to work. There are also some that think a women should be at home taking care of the kids and creating food. Even if they try to go to work, men always think they're superior to women.
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Key People to Women Right's in the World and America

Lucy Stone

Lucy Stone was a key person to women right's in America. She was born in Massachusetts in 1818 and dedicated her life to giving women more rights. She supported the Women's National Loyal League. In 1866 she helped found the American Equal Rights Association and spent her life supporting the cause.
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Susan B. Anthony

Born in 1820, Susan B. Anthony was raised in a Quaker household. Anthony went on to work as a teacher before she became a leading figure in the abolitionist and women right's movement. She would eventually lead the National American Woman Suffrage Association. Being a dedicated lecturer and writer, Susan B. Anthony died in 1906.
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Emmeline Pankhurst

Emmeline Pankhurst was a women right's activist that was born in 1858 in England. She founded the Women's Social and Political Union in 1903, which used militant tactics to agitate for women's suffrage. Being imprisioned many times, she supported the war effort after World War I broke out. Pankhurst died in 1923, just before women were granted voting rights.
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Elizabeth Cady Stanton

Elizabeth Cady Stanton was a early leader in the women's right movement. She was an abolitionist and early leading figure. Her Declaration of Sentiments was a revolutionary call for women's rights. Being president of the National Woman Suffrage Association for twenty years, she worked closely with Susan B. Anthony. Stanton passed away in 1902.
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Make Lemonade Connections

Discrimination and women's rights have both been problems in the novel Make Lemonade by Virginia Euwer Wolff. On the other hand, race is never really an issue in the book because there are no context clues towards whether Jolly and her kids are black or not. The man issues in the book are socioeconomic status, age discrimination, and women's rights.
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Discrimination Against Jolly

In the novel, Jolly thinks that she'll get harassed if she tries to do something. She doesn't want to reach out and go back to school, because she thinks everyone will judge her for being a single mom under the age of 18.
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LaVaughn's Mom Judging

LaVaughn's mom has said multiple times that Jolly is trouble because she is a single mom of two in which is 17. I've known a single mother before that was never any trouble that was 18 yet still in high school. She was a very nice woman and now is graduated. Not all people that live that life are always bad, some are kind and generous. You should never judge an individual when you don't fully know them and their potential.
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Jeremy And The Shoe Store

When Jeremy needed a new pair of shoes, LaVaughn and him had to go and purchase them. Going to the shoe store however was filled with first glance thoughts. At first, nobody helped Jeremy in the store, thinking he wouldn't have purchased anything. The reason is because Jeremy looks awfully poor.
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Abuse Against Women

During the midcourse of the novel, Jolly has a rape encounter with her ex-boss. The boss knows Jolly is too poor to even start a case, so he goes down on her. Luckily she was able to pull herself away. This is another example of how men think they can do whatever they want with no penalties.
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