Child First Aid/CPR

by Emma Matus

Safety Tips for CPR

  • For children, push about 2 inches deep
  • For infants, push about 1.5 inches deep
  • For children, pinch the nose shut, then make a complete seal over mouth
  • For infants, make a seal over the mouth and nose
  • Don't stop CPR until you find an obvious sign of life, an AED is ready to use, you are too exhausted, or another trained responder takes over

Safety Tips for First Aid

  • For conscious choking, give 5 back blows, and 5 chest thrusts
  • For unconscious choking, give rescue breath and then 30 chest compressions
  • Cool burns with cold running water until pain is relieved
  • If the child is having a seizure, do NOT restrain the child, and do NOT place anything inside the mouth
  • Always call 911 for severe accidents