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The Week Ahead

M/W/F-Language of the Day (LOD) is Spanish

T/ Th-Language of the Day (LOD) is English

Monday, February 15

  • No School for Students-Presidents' Day
  • AAA Training for Staff
  • Jen out Monday thru Wednesday at Conference

Tuesday, February 16

  • Ellis Baby Shower at 3:40
  • Deaf Ed RtI @ 3:45

Wednesday, February 17

  • Jeans Day!!!
  • Cholesterol Screenings for staff-7:30
  • 6th Grade shots
  • PLC Meeting at 3:45 with Cathy Sartain (extra jeans pass if you are present!)

Thursday, February 18

  • First Grade Collaboration
  • Pre-Registration Talk for incoming 7th graders @ 8:3

Friday, February 19

  • Junior Great Books, Shared Inquiry, Grades 3-6 QUEST room
  • RtI Meetings
  • 2nd Grade Toothfully Speaking @ 12:3 in the Library

Still Collecting Teddy Bears!!

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Happy February Birthdays!

Feb 18-Cassie Bell

Feb 21-Rhiannon Montgomery

Feb 21-Jenny Stilwell


Morning Announcements: Ridge/Brown

Character First Trait for February: Forgiveness

Celebrating Each Other!!

Way to Go!!!

Suzanne Tamez, Amber Reeves

Samantha Crocker

Miss Crocker

Chandler and Deaf Ed Pre-K Awesome hands-on activities with the students!

Melissa Frizzell

Gladys and Martha for always taking care of our kids

Janet Anderson

Ms. Frizzell is doing a great job in computer lab!

Tisha Hadley - Awesome Technology Integration

Amber Reeves-Getting her Donorschoose funded!

Makerspace at Michael Wallace Elementary School

Love and Logic-Positive Parent/Teacher Conferences

Great parents love their kids. Great teachers love their students. This love makes them great at what they do. This affection can also lead to parent-teacher conferences where fur gets ruffled and sparks fly.

Don't try to fix it before fixing your ears on the other person's concerns. Listening with sincere empathy and understanding is the single most important skill for working with anyone who is caught up in emotion. Promoting this involves having some key phrases we can fall back upon when we feel attacked:

•Tell me more.

•Help me understand.

•How long have you felt this way?

•What would you like to see here?

Each of the above is designed to get the other person talking. The more they talk, the better.

Take notes and read them back to the other person.
To prove that we've listened, it's helpful to jot down verbatim what the other person is saying. Don't summarize. Don't paraphrase. Take the time to write down exactly what the other person is saying. This demonstrates our commitment to listen. Oftentimes, it's also helpful for the other person to hear how crazy they may be sounding. Note: "Crazy" doesn't mean the person is mentally unstable. It simply means they are crazy in love with their kids or their students.

Have the child do most of the work.
Who is this conference really about? The child should do most of the thinking and working. This happens most effectively when teachers coach children to share their progress with the parent, as well as some possible solutions for improving it. Parents are also wise to ask most of the questions of their child…rather than of their child's teacher.

Maintain clear roles.
Parents can't run the classroom for teachers, and teachers can't run the home for parents. Wise educators describe what they will be doing to help in their classroom, instead of loading the parent with additional duties at home. Likewise, wise parents describe what they will be doing at home, instead of dictating loads of additional duties for the teacher.

When parents focus their energy on parenting well, and teachers focus their energy on teaching well, kids tend to excel. In contrast, when they try to control each other, things get ugly.

Who Is Doing Amazing Things With Kids?

Up and Coming

Feb. 22- Mar. 4 LDA #3 Window

Feb. 22-PLC 3:40

Feb. 25-Chick Fil A Night

Feb. 25-Spring and Group Pictures

Feb. 25-5th and 3rd Collaborations

Feb. 26-End of 4th Six Weeks
Feb. 26-RtI meetings

Feb. 26-Spirit Store

Feb. 29-Family Reading Night at Book Fair

Mar. 1-Vendor Gina is here!

Mar. 1-First grade program at 6:30

Mar. 2-College colors day

Mar. 4-Report cards go out

Mar. 4-Good Citizens' Breakfast (1st and 2nd grades decorate)

Mar. 11-Career Day