The Sport of Tennis

Alex Hays and Spencer Schlyer

History of Tennis

While there is no clear beginning of Tennis, historians believe that there where early precursors to the game of tennis played by Egyptians, Romans and Greeks.

It was adopted by King Henry VII and King Henry VIII who became avid fans and commanded the building of tennis courts across the country.

Initially tennis balls where made with a wooden center covered with leather.

The game of tennis as we know today in modern times evolved from what it once was when played long ago. Today most courts are outside and played with nylon/rubber balls filled with compressed air.

Basic Rules

► Game starts with a coin toss to determine who will serve and who will receive the serve

► The server must serve to alternate side on the baseline

► If first serve fails, second serve must be performed. If second serve fails, a double fault is called and the point is lost

► Points are awarded in scores of 15, 30, and 40. 15=1 pt. 30=2 pt. etc.

►4 points are needed to win, if score is 40 to 40 this is called a deuce

Singles v. Doubles


►Both teams serve/recieve

►Points are scored in the same format

►Both games are started by flipping a coin


►Singles is a 1v1, while, Doubles is 2v2

►Doubles is played on a wider court than Singles


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Important Terms

Ace: A point scored by the server when the reciver is unable to return the ball after the serve

Alley: Extra area of the side court hat is played during doubles

Double Fault: When the server messes up both of his serves

Deuce: When the score of the game reaches 40-40

Ground Stroke: A forehead or backhand stroke after the ball hits the court once

Volley: When the ball is hit before it reaches the ground.