Proust's Madelein wins the feast.

The showroom by InterEvents in a nutshell.

Moral feedbacks

“Proust’s Madeleine is probably one of the most willing showrooms I have ever been to.” - Caitlin Moran from The Times

“I would not be queasy to attend another InterEvents showroom. Well decocted, and seasoned, it was a pure delish” – Gordon Ramsay from Hell’s Kitchen

“I found my passion for cooking at the Proust’s Madeleine showroom by InterEvents. Now I’m joining Paul Bocuse’s school in France!” –Élodie Airau, guest from Brest.

Thank you

In behalf of all InterEvents team we would like to thank you for your

commitment and your hard work.

About us

InterEvents is a young dynamic brand created in 2002 by a group of fresh out the

University students with the aim of conquer the world of Communication and Event


First based in London, in the hip neighbourhood of Brick Lane, our team has quickly

settled in European major cities such as Belfast, Paris, Madrid, Barcelona, Berlin, and