Secondary Teaching and Learning

Winter 2021-22 Newsletter

Reflections on Fall 2021

Thank you for providing Bethel Students engaging and rigorous "just right" academic and caring learning environments. Supporting students' social emotional and restorative needs along with their academic needs is more necessary at this time than ever before. The Secondary Teaching and Learning Team will continue to support staff with professional learning through mentoring and coaching to meet individual teacher, PLC, and school specific needs.

We stand with you in partnership! Meet our team and reach out for support.

Meet the Secondary Teaching and Learning Team.

Secondary Teaching & Learning Areas of Focus

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Standards Based Instruction & Grading Key Learning from the TASK FORCE

1 Identifying a collective and common purpose for and guiding principles of standards based instruction and grading is the key focus this year.

2 Bringing grading into focus through an equity lens.

3 Understanding that there is evidence of how students are attached to points and how traditional grading systems create and enable ineffective ways of motivating students.

4 Communicating achievement through evidence of learning.

5 Moving toward a grading system that represents three pillars that include: Accurate, Biased-Resistant, and Motivation to create coherence grading throughout the district.

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Secondary Teaching and Learning: Vision, Mission, & Values

Our vision, every Bethel staff member feels supported, competent, and confident to teach and lead with compassion and equity to ensure all students are prepared to thrive in their community and reach their post high school dreams.

Our mission is to provide high quality, culturally responsive standard- based teaching and learning with intentional support that coordinates a well-rounded rigorous curriculum, instruction, and assessment program and provides on-going professional learning to maximize student and staff academic and personal growth.

Our values include Communication, Collaboration, Compassion, Competence, Community, & Equity.

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Secondary Teaching and Learning

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