Friday Wrap UP

Friday, 2/5/2016

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Teacher Self Evaluations- Due Today!

Please ensure you have submitted your self-evaluation today.
Self-Evaluations are completed so that we can reflect on the personal goals and instructional practices that lead our staff toward student and professional achievement. All of the Data Points for the Self Evaluation can be found on the HAT.

Please email your completed self-evaluation to Melissa by February 5th, 2016 . Please be sure to take time in your reflection and include all information you would like Melissa to know.

If you are in need of the form, please reference Melissa's email on 1/12/2016

Subject: 2016-2017 Evaluation - Self Evaluation

TSPs (Teacher Signature Pages)- DUE TODAY

TSPs need to be completed today! Please follow the attached HOW-TO document when signing your Q3 -C1 TSPs.

Please reach out if you have any questions :)

Physical Fitness Testing (PFT)

As you know the PFT window (February 1st - May 31st ) is now open. Please take some time to watch the recording on how to assign your students in MARVIN.

Here is a recap of some helpful information:

· ONLY 9th graders take the PFT

· Sites will be continuously added in MARVIN, so please check back on Mondays, all new PFT sites will be added by COB every Friday.

· When you go in to assign your student and the closest site listed IS NOT close to your student, then there is not a site SECURED right now in that area. Please check back on the following MONDAY. We are adding sites weekly.

· Remember to distribute site flyers to students who have already been assigned to a site (site flyers are available in MARVIN. Click on the paperclip next to the site name)

· PFT resource materials are available in the “2015-16 Physical Fitness Test” tab of SharePoint (NOTE: to access this area you will need to navigate to “Central Office” -> “State Testing”)

  • · Please be sure to complete the assigning of your homeroom students to a PFT site by COB February 12th, 2016.

Remember if you have any questions, please reach out to your HLT, Roxi -, or Carol – and they will be more than happy to help!

Quarter 3 Welcome Calls and ISMAs

Our FAST team will be handling all welcome calls, call notes in TV, and sending out the initial ISMA! THANK YOU FAST TEAM!!

  • Once FAST has made contact with the student and the initial ISMA is collected, Teachers will receive an email from the FAST team giving the green light to introduce yourself and begin working with the student.

  • Once teachers receive the green light, ensure to call the student and document your welcome call in PATHWAYS. You will use the WELCOME CALL under the area of subject/focus. These calls should be done within 24 hours of receiving the green light email from the FAST Team.

Content Resources

Looking for content resources? Look no further!
Content Resources can be found in SharePoint. We would love for you to contribute to the resources folder. Please feel free to upload your content resources to share with the team!

SharePoint California Managed Schools > Teams > IS-CALA > Shared Documents > Content Resources > Class Specific Resources

FAST & Compliancy Updates

As a reminder, FAST Referrals are only processed by the Home Room Teacher. Content teachers do not refer students to FAST. Please ensure you are only referring your home room students to FAST so we can avoid repeated referrals.


Our Fabulous Compliance Liaisons, Heather W and David, will be monitoring the student truancy report on Tuesdays and Fridays. You will receive an email each week with students who are missing 3 to 4 days. Please reach out to these students and support them to maintain compliancy. Once a student hits 5 days on the truancy report, the Compliance team will automatically put them on the FAST referral and begin the process. The Compliance Team will also send you email notifying you of this process. The goal is to help students are early on in the process and get them re-engaged in our program.


You will continue to make FAST referrals for students who are unable to contact. Please remember that in order to refer for UTC, all numbers and emails must be attempted and documented. Please be sure to attempt to contact all adults listed on the family tab. A minimum of 5 days of attempts should be made before referring to FAST.

Low Progress

If you have a homeroom student who is failing 2 or more courses with us, please make a referral to our Awesome Family Support Team – Jennifer & Heather P. Please just ensure you document anything you have done to support the student. We are removing the requirements of meeting in BbC and all the other steps. All we are asking is that you attempt to help them prior to doing a referral and be sure it is all documented. Once you complete the referral the FSL team will jump in and help support the student in tandem with you.

**If the student is failing one class, the content teacher needs to work with the student to help bridge the gap. Also don’t forget about Intervention. We have Math and English Intervention to help support our struggling students**

Please reach out to your FAST Team, HLT, or myself should you have any questions.

Testing Window and RTO DATES

The testing window for this school year will be April 27th -May 31st. Based on these dates, the following documents the updated time off restrictions for the remainder of the year.

End of Quarter:
No consecutive days off January 26th – February 5th
No consecutive days off April 13th – April 20th


No consecutive days off week prior to testing window open
No days off weeks of testing (April 27th-May 31st )
No consecutive days off week following testing window close

End of Year:
No consecutive days off June 17th – June 24th

Due Dates and Reminders

Feb. 5th: Teacher Self Evaluations DUE

Feb. 5th: Quarter 2 Work Records Due. Mail to HLT Today!

Feb 15th: Presidents Day

Feb. 18th: LP6 Begins (2/19/2016-3/17/2016)

Feb. 18th: Q3-C1 BTSP & i-Ready Due (New Students Only)

Feb. 22nd: Q3-C2 TSPs Due

Feb. 22nd: Email Employee Attendance Card

Feb. 29th: Teacher Calendars Due

March 8-9th: In-Person Professional Development

March 17th: LP-7 Ends (3/18-4/21)

March: 21-25: Spring Break

March 31st: Teacher Calendars Due

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