The Rescue

Shania Heyward


A young women with her four year old son named Kyle. She decides to move to a small town to start over. Kyle suffers though a server speaking disorder the doctor doesn't no what it is yet . Then, one day she meets this Man named Denise Holton that helps her son with his speaking disorder. Denise is the owner of the house that she is living in. As her, and her son was driving on the road doing a really bad storm. A deer pop out in the middle of the road , and she hit the deer. She was really bang up. Kyle gets out the car without her knowing and wonders out in the woods. Kyle gets rescue by this Man named Taylor McDen . Soon before you known it she starts discovering feelings for each other.

Listed Charcater

  • The young women(no name mention)- Is the mother of Kyle ,and the women that Taylor Mcden is going to fall in love with.
  • Denise Holten- Is the owner of the house the young women is living in.
  • Kyle-Is the young women son.
  • Taylor Mcden- The man that saved her son ,and the man that falls in love with the young women.
  • Judy Mcden- Is Taylor Mcden Mother that spend the night with the young women in the hospital.
  • Mitch Johnson- Is Taylor Mcden best friend ,and a volunteer fireman.
  • Melissa- Is Taylor sister and la that help provide Taylor Mcden with love evidence.

Character Analysis

Trait 1: Irrational

Evidence: She will sometimes found herself screaming at her son, despite it wasn't it wasn't her son fault that he had a speaking disorder ,and it was hard for him to talk and say word clearly.

Trait 2:Eager

Evidence: She wanted the best for her son. So she worked four night a weekend five hours shifts. She

didn't give up whenever she could work she was in the diner.

Quote About The character(The young women): How hard is it to runs few simply woods together why cant you be like every other kid why can t you be normal for Jesus sake"

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Sometime in life some people will understand what you are going though you just have to open up to them. Meaning that the young had to open up and talk to people.

Improtant Event

In the beginning of the book she and her son was in the the car during a storm. Her son was in the back seat . A deer appeared in the road . The next thing you know she hits the deer. Then, Taylor McDen was driving near them, and he immediately gets out the car to see who the person inside the car is. She was pretty bang up . She kept on staying wheres my son. Her son Kyle got out the car and ran into the woods. Taylor was hunter when he was younger so he was really good at hunting.Their was people in town that went out their way just to find him in the woods After, Three hours Taylor found him,and he was safe.

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I would strongly agree that this book was a amazing book in my opinion. I would recommended this book for both both boys and girls. This book would be good if you like sad beginnings then, it turn in to romance perfect ending. I hope you really enjoy this book as much as I did!