Tustumena Elementary Newsletter

July, 9, 2019

Dear Tustumena Family,

I hope no one went to the lower 48 so they could get some sunshine. DANG! it is hot around here. I hope the fish like it.

The search for a music teacher has been frustrating to say the least. We had a couple of great candidates back in the spring but by the time our state budget (still not resolved) came around for our district to have confidence in hiring, those candidates had to take other offers. I don't blame them but that left us holding an empty hat. We did interview a couple of "fresh out of college" candidates in June, but they too, decided that jobs close to home (lower 48) were more secure. So... even though we have been putting the time and scouring the planet, we have not yet found a music teacher. Unfortunately, Sterling Elementary may be in the same boat as they planned on sharing a music teacher with us.

I will continue to post the position, but we may be running the same schedule we did last year with PE every day and extra Art instruction.

My deepest apologies. I value Music as much as all of you do, but I cannot teach music myself (you wouldn't want me to do that to your kids,) so we may go with plan B. The kids love it.

Just wanted to let you know where we are.


Doug Hayman