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Independent Novel

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Hey guys! Just a quick reminder that you should spend this time curled up with your independent novel and maybe a nice cup of tea, coffee or cocoa!

Think about this....


As an honor student in English 4, you are expected to read at least one novel independently. The English 4 team of teachers has put together a suggested list of books that directly relate to the seven themes of the course. You may also choose any from the web sites found below. If you prefer the “old school” way, get a novel from the library or purchase one from a bookstore (minimum of 250 pages). This novel must be a classic American or British piece of literature (this is a Brit Lit class after all!). Please choose a book you have not read prior to this class!

Important Points:

  1. Book must be at least 250 pages
  2. Independent assignment
  3. Submitted in the Novel Portfolio Submission link

Online Novels:

Directions- I suggest using Power Point because it's the easiest format and allows for Hyperlinks. Prezi and others work well, too, though! Feel free to experiment and find an electronic portfolil that works best for you.

Here is how you'll be assessed.

1. On the first slide it states title, and author and provides a visual 10 points

2. On the second slide it connects to at least one theme from the course 10 points

3. On another slide or two (or more), you include at least 5 direct quotes to support your connection to theme(s). Be sure to explain these connections! 20 points

4. On another slide, you compares and contrasts the novel to at least one other text from the course (Hint: think about characters, author’s style, setting, tone, motifs, etc.) 15 points

5. On another slide provide a brief but detailed narrative summary of the novel 10 points

6. Make a connection between you and a character in the novel 10 points

7. Rate the novel for a teen audience from one star (awful) to 5 stars (a must read) Be sure you explain this rating. 10 points

8. Grammar 10 points

9. Visuals/Sound/Etc 5 points