Oppression/ Racisim

By: Terry Lee


Judging someone by their stereotypes doesn’t give you the chance to truly get to know someone

Bob Marley - Buffalo Soldier Lyrics

How it Relates

It talks about how Africans were brought from Africa and oppressed and forced to do things they didn’t want to do.

Say It Loud, I'm Black & I'm Proud-James Brown

How It Relates

Talks about how Africans have been beaten and scared and people are ashamed to be African American.


How it Relates:

It relates to the theme by talking about we need to change the way people perceive each other from preconceived notions.

How It relates

This picture relates to the theme by showing that you shouldn’t stereotype people before you give yourself a chance to get to truly know them

How it Relates

Just by looking at someone, people are often judged. This is a great example of how people are often quickly judged by the exterior motives that define them, compared to their interior motives and definitions.

How it Relates

Stereotypes can cause people to mistreat or judge someone based on their religion/race, which ultimately leads to group definitions. This relates to the theme as people are often looked down on or judged by appearance simply because of their religion.