End of Year Cleaning

for your computer files

Student & Teacher Drives

It's getting close to the end of the year and everyone needs to start thinking about backing up and storing their documents that are saved on a Student Drive or a Teacher Drive on our old school server.

For the most part, students should be saving all of their work on their One Drive (Cloud) account that is linked to their school email account. If someone has documents saved on their (old) Student Drive we need to help them transfer these documents to their One Drive account. This is something we did with each of the older classes last year. If you have a class or single students that need to move documents, let me know and I can schedule a time in the lab to get these transferred. The Student Drive is not going to be serviced and can go down at any time. All documents would be lost if they are not saved somewhere else. I would encourage you to NOT use this drive with students in the future.

The Teacher Drive (T Drive) is in somewhat of the same position in that it is old and it is fully loaded with documents! (This is the place where the Program Reviews are located.) If there is something that is important to you located here, I would begin to save these documents to your One Drive (Cloud) or on a thumb drive. We will continue to have this server and the option to share documents throughout the district until it fails.

Files on your Teacher Computer

We all have documents and files stored on our Teacher Computer. This is fine as long as you have a routine of backing up these files as well. I am guilty of this as much as the next person, but if you ask someone who's computer has died recently they will tell you, "Back it up or you may loose everything!" A good practice is to back everything up every three to four months. If you have too much information for a flash drive to hold, you could look into an external hard drive that connects to your computer with a USB connection.


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