Hardware Engineer

Basic Info

Company Name: Cyber Coder

Job Title: Senior Hardware Engineer

Job Description: Develop new hardware to shape the future of hardware

Salary: $120,000-$160,000/year

Human Resources Contact Information:

Location Of Company Headquarters: Santa Clara, CA

City and State where you will be working and living: I will be trying to live in Santa Clara so the drive each morning is nothing and I will be working in Santa Clara.

Where I will be living

37* 21'15.04" N 121*57'18.85" W

I will be living in Santa Clara


I will be going to Rochester Institute of Technology (RIT). This college has exactly what I will need for the fields I will be working in. While im going to this college ill also be living in Rochester, New York.
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On the list!

Santa Clara University (near where i will be working) is on the top 100 most beautiful colleges in the country.

Santa Claras features

Santa Clara, CA is very green with lots of trees and in general a very nice place to live/be. Santa clara is a great choice to vacation as it is such a nice looking place.