Tech Tools for Teachers

by: Terry Gough

Teacher Thoughts

This webinar gave quite a bit of technology information in a short amount of time. It gave an overview of some excellent free online-resources. These will help me to incorporate more technology into my classroom which will in turn, enhance the learning for my students. The beginning pace of the webinar was perfect and the instructor was able to go more in-depth with the first few tools. However, I felt the latter part was a bit rushed in order to “squeeze” in the last bit of information. This will probably make me a little less likely to used them. I would recommend extending the webinar a few more minutes to avoid this in the future.

Also, I feel that more of my questions could have been answered if I was participating in the live session. I would have had the opportunity to collaborate with other participants and gather additional ideas on how to implement these resources with my students as well as learn from their experiences.

Top Resources From Webinar

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